According to Oct.1st 2012 WT Directions- Past Child Molesters CAN Be Appointed Elders

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  • umbertoecho


    Quote from sister last week or so......" Oh, but don't you know they are repentant? They have suffered from true remorse and guilt and there is no sin that Jehovah will not forgive"

    Me: "You're talking like an idiot. You were abused too and you are so lost and terrified of admitting it, admitting what I personally saw.......that you have shut your' mind down. And now, you are complicit in a terrible lie, because your' afraid to stand alone and be honest for once in your life",

    Shown the door pretty quick.

  • LisaRose
    However the elders will certainly want to be very cautious especially when dealing with one who had repeatedly engaged in this kind of wrongdoing or who had been disfellowshipped for such an offense.

    It's not just one time offenders but serial child rapists that are eligible to be elders. Why would someone who has repeatedly raped a child ever be appointed an elder? That is insane and speaks volumes about their lack or morals and common sense.

  • 4thgen
  • flipper

    JANUSFULCRUM- Thanks for your comment. I don't understand what " M. " means, but thanks.

    4THGEN- I agree with you . It's what the WT Society DOES that shows their criminality not what they SAY. Talk is cheap as the expression goes- actions speak louder than words.

    UNBERTOECHO- I feel your sadness for the children myself as well. How many more JW children will be abused until the WT leaders have to really answer for their crimes ? Peace out, MR. Flipper

  • flipper

    Pg. 5 responses thanks for your replies.

    UMBERTOECHO- It is amazing isn't it how even victims of child abuse themselves who are JW's can excuse the criminality inside the JW organization with what's happened to them ? It's like the Stockholm Syndrome taking over and they excuse their captors for allowing them to be molested. Really strange. Very sad. Thanks for sharing that conversation.

    LISA ROSE- Exactly. To appoint ANY child molester to be an elder is so irresponsible and criminal it's just insane. The WT Society's lack of ethics and morals is so criminal it goes without saying.

    4THGEN- Very true what you say about the George Orwell quote. " The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it. " Very true. It's one reason that we " apostates " are hated by the WT leaders and Jehovah's Witnesses because we DO SPEAK the " truth about the alleged " truth "

  • Vidiot

    umbertoecho - "Quote from sister last week or so...... 'Oh, but don't you know they are repentant? They have suffered from true remorse and guilt and there is no sin that Jehovah will not forgive'..."

    My response?


    "Repentence" is irrelevent, and for that matter, so is "forgiveness"... child abuse is a crime, first and foremost. It is a form of assault. It is sexual violence. And, if left unchecked, will happen again and again and again.

    Abusers cannot stop... no matter how "repentent" they are, or how many times they are "forgiven", they will re-offend; there are hard numbers that support this statistic.

    But hey, if overlooking the commission of an egregious crime helps you sleep at night, "sister"...

  • flipper
    VIDIOT- Good point. I totally agree. " Child abuse is a crime first and foremost. It is sexual violence. " Correct, end of statement with an explanation point ! There should be no debating among JW elders or WT Society officials on how to handle it ! Repentance has NOTHING to do with how child molesters should be handled. It's a criminal offense it should be reported to the police first- not WT legal

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