According to Oct.1st 2012 WT Directions- Past Child Molesters CAN Be Appointed Elders

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  • flipper
    4THGEN- Like yourself I find it unfathomable that the WT Society would re-appoint these men who either have domestic violence backgrounds or who abused children. It indicates to me as you said that the WT Society is desperate to appoint ANYBODY who is a male to positions of oversight and control because not many reach out anymore. But it's no excuse. WT Society will be liable for many MORE child abuse cases if they keep appointing men to power positions who abused children. It's almost hard to believe how idiotic and arrogant the WT leaders choose to remain in spite of all the evidence against them. Thanks for sharing those experiences- very interesting
  • Vidiot

    flipper - "...It indicates to me as you said that the WT Society is desperate to appoint ANYBODY who is a male to positions of oversight and control because not many reach out anymore..."

    As far as I'm concerned, if you're so hard-up for "qualified brothers" that you have to appoint sex offenders to positions of congregation responsibility, you are well and truly f**ked.

  • flipper
    VIDIOT_ Exactly, I agree. It shows just HOW screwed up WT leaders are that they'd appoint even former child molesters as elders at all. It's a truly criminal and messed up organization indeed
  • umbertoecho

    He must have a fine testimony from individuals inside and outside the congregation. "

    What in the hell do they mean by "outside the congregation"? Do they mean that the perpetrator has sought help from outside, has a certificate clearing him/her, of any tendency to re offend?

    One of the ministerial servants in my congregation, when I was a young teenager, was a complete pervert. It wasn't just me that he targeted either. He went about his perverse way for decades and was never disfellowshipped. He went for other young girls, teenagers who were as fragile as I was. And I had to go to his house for bible studies, which meant I had to be driven by him to his house. He always stopped along the coast road for a "chat" about my feelings. He was prying into my young mind and trying to groom me into his .............I don't know what. His hand rubbing my thigh all the time...

    One day I got out of the car. It was a really rainy, windy day and I was scared. My heart was pounding in my chest and I just wanted to run and run. He got out of the car and tried to calm me down. He did calm me down by changing the topic and talking about his wife and sons. I got back in the car and went to his home where he proceeded to give his wife a huge tongue kiss that went on forever. He did this infront of me and his sons.

    Sorry. I can't shake some of the images away. They come back at times. Anyway. He was warned eventually.......that's all that ever happened to him

  • umbertoecho

    All of the evidence that has been raised in and out of court, are proof that an offender does not cease. Some therapists believe it may be some sort if sickness. I don't know about that. I see such a carnal look in the eyes of predators, such a slick method of operating as they eventually lead up to the "act". This is done with full knowledge of all the social taboo's that exist within our Western society.

    The evil worldly people who make sure that these offenders pay for their crimes are the ones who have it right. I do agree that this needs to be kept right infront of our faces, in order to stop, apprehend and punish these people.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Keep those lawsuits and public shaming of the WTBTS flowing and loud in public!

    Only this way the policies inside will change.


  • flipper

    UMBERTOECHO- I'm so sorry you had that creepy experience with that man in your congregation. Really strange. I hope you have recovered somewhat. I agree with you that normal Western Society treats child abuse in the real world as the crime that it is. Sadly- most religions, including Jehovah's Witnesses , treats child abuse like it's a sin and not a crime- minimizing the danger of it. I agree we HAVE to get the word out how dangerous it really is.

    SOFIA LOSE- I agree. We NEED to keep this child abuse negligence of the WT Society out in public first and foremost. Very important

  • janusfulcrum
  • 4thgen
    Flipper, thanks for your response. One of my favorite says is "It's not what they SAY it's what they DO". Surely by reappointing those men, they are showing what they really are inside. They are more concerned about sharing the work load than the safety of children. I agree that eventually it will come back to bite them with possibly more lawsuits as these men show again what is in their hearts. But how many unsuspecting young people will be victims?
  • umbertoecho

    Thank you Flipper.

    I feel ashamed to even talk about it. Sometimes it feels like all of those children will never receive the love and help they desperately need.

    I am looking forward to the Royal Commission this month. I will follow it avidly and I know it won't be a walk in the park for ANY so called religion including the JW one. The questions will be hard and there will be no chance to skirt answering those questions.

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