According to Oct.1st 2012 WT Directions- Past Child Molesters CAN Be Appointed Elders

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  • Finkelstein

    A simple explanation to why the WTS. installs past pedophiles is because the moment that person is placed as a elder, he is perceived to have Jehovah's guiding spirit, the arrangement is prayed upon by the other existing elders.

    The person is perceived to received a past punishment and has recovered themselves from that sin which got them disfellowshipped in the first place. Satan's evil spirit has vanished from them and god's stronger spirit is now in place.

    That person's repentance and length of time from that social behavior has passed is indicative to that evil spirit to not be around any more.

  • freemindfade
    Flipper and defender of truth thank you
  • defender of truth

    According to Oct.1st 2012 WT Directions- Past Child Molesters CAN Be Appointed Elders

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  • Awake at last
    Awake at last

    It is not the reason I left but one of the reasons I would never go back and a very important one. A former child molester in the cong is bad enough, but to be in an appointed position is inexcusable, no ifs or buts about it. There is no holy spirit in an organisation that even considers a former child molester as suitable to be a part of the cong in any capacity. This topic alone, forget everything else on this forum and I mean everything, should wake up every elder who sees these letters.

    Thank you Mr Flipper for bringing this to our attention once again. It can never be talked about too much. Things cannot be fixed in the org from the top down, so we must attempt to fix from the bottom up if that makes sense.

  • stuckinarut2

    Finklesteins explanation is exactly how witnesses think!

    They will reason that "gods spirit" is the one appointing him.

    But, how does that account for the the times an "appointed" man sins...often repeatedly? Was the Holy Spirit asleep then??

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Right on Flipper. I feel we need to change the language of Child Abuse or even Child Molester. I see it as a pathetic euphemism for what has been going on. Why do I say that? Because we are really talking about the systematic rape and torture of children, which are aided and abetted by the JW hierarchy to conceal the grossest offenders from the flock in the congregation. For me I will always call it what it is rape and torture of children. The Wt. is hiding behind all their little rules instead of being forthright in protecting the children in their flocks. Like all other religions the Wt. always functions to ensure its own survival. They may espouse various ideas about brotherhood and love but these are always secondary to their survival. The Wt. like all other religions simply do not give up. They will modify and mutate. They will do whatever it takes to keep themselves alive and viable. If it takes deceit they are willing to sacrificed children to ensure survival or advancement of the Wt. Thank you for letting me to blow some steam on this subject. Still Totally ADD

  • Listener

    I believe that they have to have this policy because they currently have elders serving today that they know are child molesters. If they didn't have this policy then they would have to remove a number of elders from their positions and probably even some higher ups.

    I don't doubt that we will hear of cases where the org knows of elders who are child molesters and have been allowed to continue in their position. They would look even worse if they had a policy that said no molesters could serve as elders.

  • flipper

    FINKELSTEIN- Yeah, I understand that WT Society can CLAIM that Satan's spirit has left former child molesters, they "repent " allegedly , etc. etc. But I can claim my left nut is a testacle from a reincarnated alien also- doesn't make it so. If anyone has an " evil " spirit within them- it's the GB and WT leaders who irresponsibly appoint men as elders who have committed felony child abuse- a serious crime.

    FREEMINDFADE- You are welcome.

    DEFENDER of TRUTH- Thanks again for the links.

    OUTLAW- Pretty accurate pictures. Thanks for posting. A pedophile playground indeed JW kingdom halls are.

    AWAKE AT LAST- I totally agree with everything you say. This IS one of the most important topics happening within the corrupt WT organization right now. The fact that the corruption is continuing unabated within the JW cult is indefensible on the part of the Governing Body. And it's unforgiveable that the GB will NOT release information to the courts requesting child abuse policies in written form or release the child molester database file to courts. It smacks of GUILT because WT Society DOES have enormous crimes to hide. They'd rather pay out millions $$$ in child abuse lawsuits than risk exposing themselves to deeper or further criminal prosecution. The more we expose these crimes- perhaps some of the lurking elders here will effect change and make noise about it to the rank & file JW's.

    STUCKINARUT2- Exactly. Holy spirit has ALWAYS been asleep. It has never existed.

    STILL TOTALLY ADD- I agree with you. The Governing Body IS aiding and abetting child rape and torture by their policies of neglecting to protect JW children. Especially when former child molesters are appointed as elders again ! it's just beyond belief. But you can't make this stuff up. It really happens. You are correct- WT leaders will do whatever is necessary to keep the WT organization going - even sacrificing children as molestation victims trying to pay their way out of guilt for allowing it. But WT leaders are so calloused- I truly believe they are sociopaths and psychopaths who feel NO guilt or remorse. They know exactly what they are doing in regards to child abuse happening in their midst. Survival as an organization is more important than justice being done for abused children

  • Gayle
    It will take the government to deny the 'charity-free' status unless they change this insane 2-witness policy on this issue. The GB is too arrogant to submit to the government rulings. Lawyer, Irwin Zalkin, is pushing for Wt. Files exposure on pedophile cases. This issue will not stop. The GB have no heart for the children, only burdens them in every way.

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