According to Oct.1st 2012 WT Directions- Past Child Molesters CAN Be Appointed Elders

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  • Finkelstein

    This is how most brainwashed JWS are Pistoff , even when you present letters from the HQ directed to congregations, they still will say Oh thats just lying crap from a apostates.

    It should be realized that vehemently devoted JWS are set to protect the image of the organization and even lie if necessary, which indirectly protects the purported image of themselves .

    Its Jehovah's organization so don't you mess with it.

    By what your brother has stated is that the GB of the WTS. is lying or lied. ......... Doh !

  • Vidiot

    Finkelstein - "A simple explanation to why the WTS. installs past pedophiles is because the moment that person is placed as a elder, he is perceived to have Jehovah's guiding spirit, the arrangement is prayed upon by the other existing elders."

    That would be the "official" (albeit rarely spoken mentioned) company line, yes.


    I've suggested this before, but there is, however, another, darker possibility...

    ...that regardless of how much the leadership may or may not want child abusers amongst the ranks of MSs and Elders, the problem has still become too endemic and institutionalized (due to the WTS's inherent authoritarian structure) to fix...

    ... and as a result, the pool of "qualified" brothers who are still willing to serve and have no past abuse accusations has dwindled to the point that, if the WTS didn't reappoint "repentant" abusers (whose offenses weren't commonly known), they wouldn't have enough manpower to keep the congregations functioning properly.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD
    What help me to understand why Wt. or any other religion allows the rape of children I read the book "The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture". It was a big revelation for me on why religion do what they do to protect themselves. Bottom line is it is not about god it's about their religious organization. Protect it at all cost. Still Totally ADD
  • flipper

    PISTOFF- I think the rank & file JW's believe the WT Society's " own press " as you stated or their alibi's or excuses- but I do NOT believe that WT leaders believe their own press statements. They make these press statements of " we abhor child abuse " - or - " we do everything we can to educate our members to protect their children " - these statements are just defense mechanisms to justify or sidestep answering REAL questions like - " Why does the WT Society not report child abuse to the police ? " Or " Why does the WT Society keep appointing former child molesters as elders or ministerial servants ? " WT leaders totally avoid answering those questions and put out stupid damage control $hit answers like I mentioned. WT leaders know full well what they're doing. They are trying to protect their financial nest egg- period .

    FREEMINDFADE & PISTOFF- Isn't it amazing how JW's like your brothers can just bury their heads in the sand like ostriches about this WT child abuse scene ? The power of cult mind control is alive and well within the WT Society.

    FINKELSTEIN- Exactly what you say is true. To a JW it's the worst offense of all to even question the GB or WT Society leaders way of doing things. When I mentioned to a former good friend of mine back in 2009 who is still an elder that one of the reasons I stopped attending meetings was the WT child abuse policies are bad- he told me, " It really worries me that you think the WT leaders and GB aren't handling the child abuse situation correctly ! It scares me that you doubt their wisdom. " That is how gullible these JW's are, it's incredible !

    VIDIOT- You make very interesting points. It could very well be that the only " pool " of " brothers " to serve as elders IS limited to former child molesters now. LOL. Although it's not funny, pretty pathetic. Anybody with any sense of sanity wouldn't want to serve these days as an elder for sure.

    STILL TOTALLY ADD- Good points. Indeed WT Society wants to protect it's organization at all cost. It's the WT financial interests and well being they are after. WT leaders don't care about God or children- just their financial future. Pretty sick

  • Pistoff


    The power of cult mind control is alive and well within the WT Society.

    Yes, it is jaw dropping to see it.

    I just am so used to sifting real information and deciding what has merit, it is shocking to see people just refuse to look at anything they regard as 'apostate'.

    Facts cannot be apostate; information can be verified as true or false.

    The horrible thing is that if they think you look at 'apostate' information, they will shun you.

    It is really a catch 22.

  • Kanon

    This is a perfect example of a double stance, and the major issues with the rank and file not seeing what is going on.

    There public stance is - For the protection of our children, a man known to have been a child molester does not qualify for a responsible position in the congregation. Moreover, he cannot be a pioneer or serve in any other special, full-time service.—Compare the principle at Exodus 21:28, 29. (w97 1/1 pp. 28-29)

    That is what all the rank and file know and why so many fight tooth and nail saying they don't appoint child molesters.
    Then you have this secret letter that the rank and file have not seen, that says the complete opposite. That a child molester can with time be appointed or reappointed.

    I do like the principle in Ex 21:28,29 but more interesting is vs 30 well the courts have imposed a ransom to be paid, yet they do not want to pay up.

  • Finkelstein

    Loyalty and faithfulness is paramount in the JW religion, its indoctrinated the day people are baptized in that they are to make a vow to be loyal and subjective to the GB members.

    To express a lack of loyalty is perceived to be disloyal to god himself. (Jehovah)

    So ether your subservient to the WTS leaders or either you are showing disloyalty to god and this angers him,

    invoking due punishment.

    Organized religion is a appealing power source for men and thats mostly why they seek that acquired power and control.

  • flipper

    PISTOFF- Good point. It really is a catch 22 situation. It's like ANYTHING that you show JW's that's the slightest bit negative about the WT Society- they perceive it as apostate. They totally turn off their minds or reasoning powers in their brain. It's the drastic effect of the WT mind control.

    KANON- You make a VERY good and valid point. The elders are trained to intentionally keep " necessary " information from rank & file JW's as sent to them by the WT Society confidentially - because if elders SHARED this information with the rank & file it would prove that WT Society is lying to the rank & file JW's about child molesters not getting appointed as elders. So then it's easier for the sleazy, dishonest WT leaders to give ONE set of instructions to the elders- while giving a totally OTHER set of information access to the rank & file. Pretty unethical and twisted.

    FINKELSTEIN- Very true. WT leaders abuse the power they have in claiming to be on par or on the same level as God- so most rank & file JW's believe this and lap it up like kittens lapping up cream in a bowl. They don't even question the authority the GB has. Which is EXTREMELY dangerous. If the GB told rank & file JW's to jump off a cliff to prove faithful- many would do it. And therein lies the real danger

  • flipper
    6Waqnted to bump this thread up if any had missed it or wanted to contribute comments concerning the important topic of WT Society hiding child abuse and appointing former child molesters as elders. Thanks for any and all thoughts
  • truthseekeriam

    It really upsets me that no matter how much pressure they are under regarding the child molestation issue they refuse to change their dangerous policies and procedures . They truly are digging their own graves!

    As far as active JW's, they will either 1. Deny, deny, deny. Calling victims liars, media biased and courts wrong. 2. Dig their head in the sand refusing to even watch anything negative at all. 3. Or Like some of my family members, they know the policies need to change and are upset by what they are hearing but will just "wait for Jehovah" to clear things up.

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