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  • LongHairGal


    Bad idea. I do not think it is a good idea to meet up with this woman and tell her that you know about what happened to her. She might be angry and mortified that something so personal has been revealed. She may feel more violated than before. This is a touchy situation because he confessed it behind closed doors. But you are right about what he may have done over the years to other kids. ( Maybe there is a way to anonymously get this info to where he is now so that people with kids can be pulled aside on the QT and warned).

    She may not take kindly to the fact that this is known to other people. It is a different story if she decides to come forward and accuse. She may already have done something about it and may have been in therapy. It is her choice whether to reveal it or to bury it.


  • restrangled


    It took me all day to get over what you wrote about this situation. I was so sickened I couldn't respond.

    I can't imagine how you must have felt... and in my opinion it was very unfair to lay this before your feet and any other elders involved.

    Once this crime was admitted and reported to the CO it was their responsibility to get it reported. I feel so bad for his second wife who may not know this information and his daughter who may be too hurt in many ways to report what happened.

    I do not feel it is your responsibility, like you mentioned, what are you suppose to do....bring it up and be denied by all involved which I'm sure would happen.

    I am so sorry you are holding this burden in your heart....the fact that you find it as such shows you are sickened as the rest of us here on this forum. Take care and know you are not being judged by myself or most of us here.

    Keep are a good man.


  • sibboleth

    I am not sure what more to add to this post... This will always be there, I know, in the back of my mind... thank you for all your comments... time to share another memory that I think you will find interesting... stay tuned... -Sibboleth

  • jam

    bro. hard nose loved to disfellowship people. He was a elder for 30yrs. or more. 5yrs. ago he got busted in a motel room by his wife,a woman he had been having affair with for over 30yrs.He was remove as a elder only.

    bro.superfine MS, he and his wife became close to a young sister in thier cong. She moves in. Soon after she and bro. superfine gets involve. The elders fine out. He gets reprove. His wife divorce him,he remarry the young sister.Two years later he is a Elder.

    I may add when i was a elder mutual masturbation happen a lot. For some reason many felt it wasn,t as bad as intercourse. But the sick person that did this with his daughter, needs some jail time.

  • truthsetsonefree

    One thing is certain, no one does a thing like that one time. You can be sure that underneath of that story is A LOT more abuse. This is a common dub problem: Admit to the lesser crime and no one looks further. WT, your day will come for what you have done to these people.


  • Lumptard

    Please call the pigs. You have witnesses. It will probably hold up in court.

  • mcsemike

    I would still report it. It's one more mark against the WT. I'm sure he "confessed" because he knew it was so long ago that the elders wouldn't do anything. There is also that principle about keeping elders and MS's in office if a long time has passed. And considering the recent post about a severe shortage of servants, I doubt the WT wants to remove any of them if they can avoid it. All that does is prove that the WT will prostitute itself when convenient. Yet they accuse the Catholic Church of hypocrisy. I'm getting to the point where nothing the WT says or does surprises me anymore. They are beyond help.

  • rebel8

    After reading the "mutual masturbation" claim, excuse me while I finish wiping the vomit off my keyboard.

    OK, maybe someone who did an isolated thing one time 35 yrs ago can change. Maybe. (I doubt it based upon my experience of counseling perps, but ok, maybe it's possible.)

    How can a person who did make the change be identified? Certainly not by rationalizing, minimizing, and blaming the victim--crystal clear indicators of Antisocial Personality, a person without conscience or remorse. And isn't saying it was a mutual consensual act rationalizing, minimizing, and blaming the victim?

    To sib, I think you can only worry about what to do from this point forward about this perp. No sense beating yourself up for what you did in the past.

    Check back on Kim Norris' posts (attorney for ex-jw abuse victims, hope I've got her name right). She has said it is not up to the witness* to discern how their report to the police will be prosecuted, just report it and law enforcement will take it from there. There are times when people have reported things they think will just be ignored, and it turns out they're not ignored, because it helped build a case against someone who was already suspected.

    I guess my question to people who think there's no point in reporting things to authorities because it might be ignored is, what's the harm? If they ignore you, you can still feel as though you did the right thing.

    Maybe it will open up old wounds for the victim. Maybe it will give her an opportunity to get justice and closure.

    Maybe it will stop this perp from victimizing others, like he's probably been doing for the last 35+ years.

    /off soap box now, sorry


    *By "witness" I mean the person with evidence, not a witness of the jehovah variety.

  • mcsemike

    To Rebel8: I think your points are very true. I also am in the field of psychology and less than one in 100,000 molesters ever change for life. I have a standing offer of $1,000 to any JW who was a child molester and changed forever after becoming a JW. NO ONE has collected yet and I doubt they will in my lifetime (I'm over 50). The JW's love to act as if there brand of "Christianity" and "counseling" can cure ANYTHING. They can't even cure themselves, so how can they fix others?

    A very large percentage of child molesters among JW's are turning out to be elders. This brings up a very troubling issue. If elders are appointed by "holy spirit", I'm afraid I'd have to question the sanity of that "holy spirit" along with the WT's "god", Jehovah. I don't believe in any god, but if there is one, he has much explaining to do to me to convince me he's sane. I mean no disrespect to those who believe, but the Adam story and original sin, along with taking Satan's bet in the garden doesn't wash with me. These children are suffering. If I had 50 million molesters lined up, I'd shoot them all until my gun melted. I'd pay for the bullets. I know this doesn't sound rational, so that's why I won't treat a child molester. They are devious, lying, eternal perverts. I haven't met five in my career that truly wanted to change. And again, the poor children all suffer centuries of rape and torture while "God" thinks about it and when he might feel inclined to stop it. My challenge: YOU stop it NOW, or I WILL. The hard way.

    The fact that this "brother" (read "disgusting piece of sewage") uses the word "mutual" only adds to his crime. What the goddamn hell can be mutual about masturbating with your daughter?? I realize that it's the technical term from a sexual point of view, but I suspect his feelings were more than proper dictionary definition. Here in Florida, abusers are published online and in newspapers mailed out to county residents. We can go online and see the abuser, his picture, physical description, address, background, the works. It's done as a warning. But although it's not done for revenge, if I were on a jury trying a father for killing one of these animals, you'd never get me to vote to convict the father. But this is another entire topic, the idea of society failing to give justice, so when is it my right to do it myself? And before anyone gets on his high horse and defends the judicial process, may I remind you that the Revolutionary War is considered "illegal" by many philosophers, as is the taking of Texas, the Phillipines, Cuba, and Florida. Many of these actions were not done "legally" in any world court. And the Panama Canal deal by T. Roosevelt? I rest my case.

    People on Silent Lambs and Freeminds have asked what they can do. If you read the online newletters from these sites, the newspaper and/or columnist is often mentioned. Whenever I have contacted them, they have been happy to hear from an ex-JW so they can get the real "truth". Many times they have called Bethel and been given the typical JR Brown(oser) package of lies. If anyone wants names, email me directly to the link in the upper left corner. I'll return your email within a few days. I've also been in contact with the woman lawyer in Texas (Norris) and she might have ideas on how to hit the WT more in a way that will hurt them. Everyone's afraid of their money. But please remember they aren't trillionaires. They are dismissing Bethel workers and selling property. They clearly are hurting. Those of us who are out, combined with the media, have thousands of times more money and resources than the WT. They CAN be destroyed, at least financially and socially. They may survive underground, but ironically, that's where many of them are going to end up very soon.

    Pardon my clear hatred of them, it has cost my family several hundred thousand dollars because my daughter was raped over ten years ago. I'm sure that loss would piss anyone off enough to want an end to these "people" and I don't care how. According to the Mosaic Law, they deserve to die. The WT often preaches gleefully that all of us will soon be gone. So I see no reason why I don't have the right to wish death on them. And if anyone ever hurt them, I'd look the other way. They are not the Good Samaritan, they are the Pharisees who walked past the victim. Silent Lambs and Freeminds are doing what is right.

    To Randy: I respect you and your work very much. It can't be easy to balance this web site, finances, your personal life, and legal concerns in a way that produces such a quality web site. I'm a computer engineer and know how hard it is. You have my respect, as does every person on this board who has suffered due to the WT's insanity. Maybe some of us won't live long enough to see the end of the WT, but hopefully our children will. If you read the book "1984" and think about how Hitler ruled Germany, you can see a very close resemblance. Would anyone defend Hitler? Then we all know what to do about the WT. My best to all.

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