another Elder's Meeting memory...

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    It's not too late, turn the S.O.B. in.


  • Quandry

    let Jehovah handle things if there is a problem… Well, doesn't that let everyone off the hook?

    If there is a problem!!!!??????!!!!!

    Why not ask the daughter if there is a problem?? I wonder what her life has been like all these years. Did anyone think to ask about her and how she was doing?

  • lawrence

    What a wretching story! Thanks for sharing.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Like someone else said wow. My feelings kinda mirror lostlanterns, but my question to you is how long did you stay in after these revelations? I understand that such things can overwelm you when you first hear of them, But once the weight of these matters hit you, did you try to correct them?

  • BrentR

    Remember that women are a considered second class citizens in the eyes of the Borg. Why would anyone care about the lifelong effects she would experience? They can rationalize letting a child bleed out and slowly die of hemoragic shock. What's a little child molestation in your quest to be "top dog" in your congregation?

    Excuse me while I go puke!!!!

  • sibboleth

    In response to some of your serious questions:

    I resigned as an Elder within 6 months from that "revelation", for this situation and others that I will also share via another post. I did take my concerns to the CO and according to the CO: this event occurred 25 years earlier before this brother was an Elder. This event has been filed with the society, but since so much time has passed and the obvious "blessing" upon this brother, no futher action is req'd...

    His daughter is a reg pioneer in another congregaion about 2 hours away - not sure about long term impact on her life due to this terrible act - I did not know her.

    As far as "mutual masterbation" - that is what he said happened - I didn't ask for nor did he submit futher details since that was a past event. I cannot imagine the gory details, nor do I want to.

    How would you have corrected this? I was a newbie elder following the lead of the more "spiritual" men. I feel like a couple of you are upset with me for not doing something - now I'm on the defensive???

    Don't attack me when you do not know me, nor know what I have gone thru myself. It is easy to say "turn him in", stir it up and take down that man for the evil thing he did 25 years ago than it is to actually do it.

    We can speculate all we want about if he did this again or continues to - but there was no nor is no evidence indicating that. He continues to have the full support of that cong's body of elders and obviously the support of the WT.

    Turn him in? For what? How? Make his daughter testify against him - she is in her mid 40's and has children of her own - what good would that do? How prove? My word - info obtained from a secret elders meeting against his?

    As far as god having mercy on my soul - I am not sure I believe in god anymore, and if there is one - he surely knows my heart and knows why I was unable to "act" further.


  • OnTheWayOut

    i think people can change

    and he did own up to it which he didnt have to and was prepared to take
    whatever discipline the elders deemed fit...i think thats different to someone
    lying about it even when there are numerous victims..

    I tend to agree with that. But let me ask this. Would you or the average BOE
    allow this same break to a "weak" brother, or a pioneer brother who wasn't yet a
    MS or elder?

    You told the C.O. It was his responsibility to tell Mother or make you tell Mother.

    I wouldn't be concerned about it. Faggettabowdit.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Once I was not attacking you I really wanted clarification. I was at Bethel and on the fast tract to becoming an elder, I understand that things like this happens all the time. Still it can be overwelming to the senses when you hear these stories and sadly hear the ring of truth in them.

    I love this line "This event has been filed with the society, but since so much time has passed and the obvious "blessing" upon this brother, no futher action is req'd." So according to them you can commit a sin but if your life shows evidence of gods blessing and prosperity that shows he forgives you. WOW.

  • confusa

    Sibb, I cannot imagine how terrible and guilty you must feel, it is not too late to turn him in or just let it be known to the others in the congo what type of perveted nymph they are dealing with. I think that is the only way you will ever feel better, just think about all those young girls that may be in danger and to think that your own daughter could have been at risk if you did not know about this and had remained in the organization. You have no idea of the emotional scars that something like this has on a child, it is something that never goes away and haunts you for the rest of your life. People very close to me have gone through this and it scarred them for life.

  • confusa

    Disregard my previous comment, I wrote it before I read your second reply. You are right it might do more harm than good to bring it up now after so many years have passed. It would only bring bad memories to his daughter. Lets just hope he really has changed.

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