Unbelievable comment in Jan 1 2007 WT

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  • heathen

    I've seen that before , I think it's about pointless to make vague unsupported lines of reasoning like that.



    Have they got two witnesses to prove that claim.


  • Ancientofdays

    This statement is not new, as Blondie shows, it comes from Revelation book , almot 20 years ago.

    Could it be they are reinforcing this statement in view of a new light ?

    I mean , soon will come a time when GB is no longer made of anointed. If they claim that the 24 elder (anointed resurrected in the sky) are driving the GB from their invisible position , there's no question about authority . Whoever will sit down in Brooklyn button room will be under God direction. For a JW will be exactly like in the present time, Faithful and discreete slave is on top of the earthly organization .

    Can you see it ?

  • TopHat

    I wonder: Will the GB expect JW's to pray to these so called anointed, ruling from heaven? Look for the answer in next months addition of the watchliar.

  • elliej

    On Friday I asked my visiting JW whether it was ever okay to communicate with spirits. She said absolutely not. I asked her why the watchtower claims that the governing body is communicating with dead members. She said she would have to look into it when she got home. No need, I said, I have it right here and I whipped it out, already underlined. Her defense? "It says they MAY be communicating." So in her twisted JW reasoning that makes total sense, they aren't but they MIGHT be. So I asked her again, is it okay for me to contact a spirit? She said I would not be able to, I would only be able to contact an evil spirit, it is impossible to contact good spirits. So I asked how she knew her governing body wasn't contacting evil spirits? "Because they teach the truth!" Anyone else have the urge to vomit?

  • heathen

    Don't you just love those off the cuff answers you get from dubbys ? Just showing they actually make it up as they go so they can appear to know more than they do. That whole dogma of theirs about the resurrection is very silly.Revelation 6:11 shows that they are at rest until the final number of them is killed just as they had been. It doesn't really say that the resurrection had taken place so may very well be symoblic .

  • cultswatter

    I can't believe that quote either!!. The WTS are involved in spiritism!!. Can' t the dubs see that?. Surely the JW are slaves of the WTS to believe the 24 elders are comunicating from the dead. What a bunch of hocus pocus lying 2 bit Jehovah frauds!!


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Fred Franz and Knorr sending messages from beyond the grave? Heaven Forbid!!

    Indeed! I don't think there are any mansions in heaven for false prophets, are there? Jeff

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Can anyone scan this?


  • AuldSoul

    Someone just called in and mentioned this article to jwschwem (?) on Roundtable. It led to an interesting exchange.

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