Unbelievable comment in Jan 1 2007 WT

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  • Quandary

    Excellen point Willy! I really wonder sometimes if the guys in "writing" are boozed up when they write.


  • done4good

    It never ceases to amaze me how I never really picked up on this verbiage while I was in.


  • truthsetsonefree
    is almost identical to that of the Revelation book published almost twenty years earlier.

    Bill Gates probably has as much to do with it as anyone else. Copy and Paste is a powerful tool!

    Mufasa: Simba, let me tell you something my father told me. Look at the stars, the great kings of the past are up there, watching over us.

    Young Simba: Really?

    Mufasa: Yes. So whenever you feel alone just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you and so will I.


  • onlycurious

    It IS heresy!!! Dead people are COMMUNICATING to the WTS? That is just plain crazy.

    Do the 24 elders supercede God Himself?

    By the way, please clarify.....I thought once you were dead.....that's it. You're dead....no afterlife until the resurrection. How come these 24 elders seem to have a spiritual presence?

  • mcsemike

    Isn't it bad enough that the living anointed screw up the beliefs? Now we have to wonder if the dead ones help them? How many damn links are in this chain? I thought God spoke to mankind thru Jesus. Period. You WT Pharisees need to read your Bibles again. No, wait. Not YOUR Bibles, THE Bible. We don't want you reading fiction now, do we?

    More weasel words. "It appears", "it seems", "it is apparent", "history shows", etc. I hope the WT has its own sewer treatment plant, it puts out enough on its own to overwhelm NYC.

    No one on earth understands Revelation. You printed 2 or 3 books on the topic. You had it studied at least four times since 1989. You still don't understand anything in it and neither do any JW's. Give it up. You want to save costs? Stop wasting paper, ink, and labor. Your publications (all fiction) are responsible for half the trees on this planet being wasted.

  • Ozner

    I'm still "in" the organisation, but I have to say this is a very strange watchtower article. What will the future bring? I should think that these articles are screened before publishing?

  • bobld

    Blondie made reference to RE chap 20 p142 par 17 "one of the 24 elders,...should stir John's thinking"

    Please help me here.. When John wrote revelation he was given this revelation that was FUTURE and per WBTS/GB one of the 24 elders are part of the FDS/144K. Now my understanding per WTS/GB the resurrection of the 144k didn't start until...lets see 1914 or 1918/19 1925 1935 anyways it was way after John saw the visions.So are the FDS/GB telling us that John had to wait for them to get to heaven to write these things? Oh. I forgot it's all typical/antitypical.FORGET IT I'AM ALL CONFUSED


  • thetrueone

    Nothing more than self promoting propaganda bullshit, which kind of reminds me how they got started ............

  • thebiggestlie

    i will use this article as proof of the society BS-ness when i finally make a break. I am shooked that this was printed in 2007 and not 1907.... the "light"-bulb must be flickering...

  • AuldSoul

    Lemme get this straight:

    (1) John represents the "John class", the remnant of anointed yet on earth who would obviously appear in the late 1800s in the form of various millenial adventist group refugees.

    (2) The 24 elders represent the completed body of 144,000 represented by whoever of that number has been resurrected at any given time (not to precede 1918, for obvious reasons).

    (3) John is given a vision of events that supposedly occur after the resurrection of the first batch of anointed in 1918.

    (4) John, who lived in the First Century, still wasn't part of the 24 elders by then.

    (5) One of the 24 elders told John (i.e. the "John class") something.

    Since all of these unfounded interpretations of Scripture are obviously true until they get edited, it seems perfectly reasonable that the 24 elders communicate with the Faithful and Discreet Slave (in the form of 2/3 majority votes by the Governing Body) in our day.

    Oh. Well, if I'd known it was so crystal clear as that I wouldn't have left.

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