The Artist formally known as Prince

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  • Sasha

    Yeah, actually, what was with that guitar behind the sheet? For a second it looked like a little devil tail...anybody catch that? I did not hear him mention the "good News"..

  • Sasha

    FIRST Donna Summer claimed she was a witness, then she got "born again"...and I LOVED PRINCE'S show...I don't need the sexual ovettones to enjoy him.

  • mrsjones5

    IMHO it was OK. I've seen Prince do much better, with or without the sexual under or overtones

  • Honesty

    What were those strange symbols that adorned his clothing and the runway he was performing on?

    Are they pagan symbols that have anything to do with the afterlife?

    I guess the cult Jehovah's organization is becoming more progressive.

    And this fruitcake of a religion has the arrogance to claim that their organization is a fulfillment of Ezekiel's vision .


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I thought Prince did pretty well (for a girly-man, that is.)

    The SUPERBOWL deserves something a bit heavier on the T-rone.

    Ted Nugent would be my personal choice, but he would probably precipitate a war with Mehico. :)

    I follow Prince's career now as if it was a cultural petri-dish. I want to "witness" the eventual evolution of his post-Dub phase. It is inevitable. He may prance a bit and dress in silk, but he's not completely stupid. He linked up with the Dubs during a period of intense emotional upheaval. Eventually he will realize he's been sold an air-box.

  • wednesday

    well I just watched prince on the super bowl half time and it was sort of "cool' when the gold sheet came down and they showed him with his huge guitar, a large phallic symbol

    he he he

  • loosie

    ok I like Prince, have since I was a girl. In fact I remember when I was 16 watching Purple Rain in the theater I said to my best friend next to me If we could bring into "the truth" I'd marry him...lmbo he is in and now I am out. lmbo

    I couldn't get enough of that unpronouncable pagan symbol, his stage was in the shape of it his guitar was in the shape of it. I mean come on standing on a pagan symbol and singing about the watchtower... it doesn't get anymore ironic than that.

    Now you know if any one of us went itno a the KH wearing that pagan symbol on our skirt or tie we would hauled in the back room quick like.

  • moomanchu

    I love the do-rag lol

    That wasn't a dew-rag.

    It was an Aunt Jemiah rag.

    Everyone at our party thought he sucked.

    The witnesses are good at producing wacko musicians.

  • candidlynuts

    i missed it.. i checked youtube but its not up there yet..if anyone finds the half time performance online let me know!

  • mrsjones5

    It was an Aunt Jemiah rag.

    Damn, why'd you have to go there? At least spell Jemimah right.

    Josie *shakes head*

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