The Artist formally known as Prince

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    prince was a wack job 30 years ago when he made good music. and has never changed from being a a freak. that's why he fit's in so well with the witlesses. i wouldn't be surprised of he dry humps one of his back -up singers at the super bowl. asnd give a fine witness for joe-hover

  • jeanniebeanz

    i've heard it. my ex was stupid about all the little superstitions that wittlesses had. took it upon himself one year while i was visiting my sister in Oregon to go through the house and grab every unicorn, dragon and fairy thing i had been collecting since childhood and took it all to the dump. i almost left him for that when i got back. should have, it would have saved me another 8 years of hell.

  • gymbob

    I wonder if "Brother" Prince went to the Talk & Watchtower Study this morning before heading over to the Super bowl. Can't miss those meetings ya' know, even if you're performing at the suer bowl.

  • orbison11

    well i guess prince will no longer be going to a chinese restaurant for chinese food then,,,they all have dragons on their walls, menus, pictures, lol


  • Sasha

    Yeah, thanks you guys....The majority of you have never heard of that...He probably made it up so he would not go to the party. I think it does give the Witnesses false press, though. (I'm not a witness)

  • blondie
  • thetrueone

    Personally I like the fact that the media has come out and acknowlege that Prince is a practising jws this can only give the WTS more

    bad press. I quess the little dirty pervert"s conscious caught up to him over the years and it was time for some redemption

    The jws are always bolstered with pride whenever a known celebrity becomes one of them, remember Micheal Jackson. George Benson, Van Morisson to name a few.

    If Prince was truly honest and forthright with his faith he would retire showbiz, live off his millions, give some to the WTS., and become a special pioneer and maybe

    write some new kingdom songs in his spare time. It's puzzling to me why the WTS. hasn't sacked him yet !

    Possibily how could they think this character is giving them good promotion, how weird, delusional and stupid.

    Sounds to me like this was just a publicity stunt on his part to get back public approval, since everyone got tired of the old dirty Prince, it's a once bad now righteous syndrome.

    To him I suppose it justifies his means, professional show people do this many times to gain popularity in a career.

    So play on Prince your only hurting and damaging the WTS. and this is always a good thing in my books !

  • thetrueone

    I was just wondering why is the Prince of peace, when he's performing on stage, wagging his willey so much with a bunch of scantily cloths females

    maybe the power of god is in his pants and he's just trying to get out !

    Just joshing.....

  • DanTheMan

    For many of my years as a JW, I was way overzealous about petty little stuff like that, so much so that other JW's thought I was a little nutty. I remember one time being at some people's house for a social gathering and being really "OMG turn it off turn it off!!!" when Buffy the Vampire Slayer came on the TV.

    I can see Prince being like that, though I don't know how in the world he justifies a Super Bowl performance, unless he's telling himself again and again "see I can still have my career and be a's really ok...I can have my career and still be's really ok..."

  • Mulan

    I tend to think he is being misquoted, or someone thinks that's why he didn't come.

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