Question for the Ladies?

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  • Crumpet

    Oh RAF he is so hot! I actually just drooled on my keyboard!

    Sexy for me is lots of body hair, some cuddle padding around the middle, an accent of any kind, come to bed eyes, kissable fullish lips and I do have a fondness for strong arms.

  • sandy

    I always find men with thick, wavy, (maybe curly) and dark hair attractive.

    I'm not turned on by a six pack either. Tall and somewhere between thin and thick is attractive to me.

  • SixofNine

    Quote: Wait a minute, who has a 7 inch tongue ;p

    The surgery is already scheduled, along with the ab implants.

  • juni

    What makes for a sexy man?

    Takes an interest in what I'm saying and my feelings

    Not a bull shitter; doesn't always have to be right or have the last word

    Has a good sense of humor and likes to laugh

    Looks don't matter (though I don't like the hairy gorilla-type)

    Likes closeness and fooling around w/o sex always at the end

    Compliments me

    Is honest and cares about other people

    Likes to hold hands and give little kissies and nibbles

    A gentle and giving sexual partner


  • Cindi_67

    Although I do think six packs are sexy, there are other things in a man that makes him sexy and they are not physical.

    • A man that says I love you every day.
    • A man that brings you flowers without being a special ocassion.
    • A man that finds me sexy whether I am skinny or a bit overweight.
    • Communicative.


    • Nice eyes
    • Clean hands
    • Full mouth
    • Neat hair
    • Gotee
    • One earring
    • Butt
    • And... yes a six pack, although it is not important to me, it is very appealing to the eye. But don't over do it. Some men look like they have a train track in his abs. UGLY.
  • RAF
    Crumpet : Oh RAF he is so hot! I actually just drooled on my keyboard!

    ... I know ... ... ;-)))

  • avidbiblereader

    Wow ladies this is incredible, I actually am not doing all to bad on your responses, however I have need for some improvement. Thanks and keep them coming, I love to hear what is on a womans mind and hearing straight from the ladies mouth. This is good stuff!!!


  • Crumpet

    I think you should tell us which of the things we find sexy you have or do!

  • minimus

    Here's my manly response: Women enjoy ogling perfectly shaped men. They don't want them as boyfriends or husbands because the competition kills them.

  • puck

    although i *am* gay, i still have an aesthetic appreciation for men in a physical way. (just a disclaimer -- to show i'm sort of unbiased... )

    guys with shorter hair, but longish sideburns.

    guys who take care of themselves -- a nice body is appreciated. i happen to like abs on a guy, although i concur with the "if it's too 'built', it's too much". not that that means you have to be model-handsome, just not gross.

    clean teeth, halitosis-free.

    nice hands -- clean, trimmed nails.

    well put together, appearance-wise (ie: clothes can certainly enhance, if you're going by looks.)

    good posture.

    hope this helps.

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