Question for the Ladies?

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  • RAF

    Sexy, Sexy, Sexy !!!

    • a voice
    • what I can read in there eyes and ways of being (the warms, the intelligence, the passion ..)
    • anything special in their face (eye, nose, mouth ... whatever don't have to be perfect)
    • their attitude a way of being themself (I have hard time with people who copy others)

    Tomee Lee Jones or Samuel L Jackson are probably the kind of guy I would fall for in the sec'

    or a picture like this one :

  • I.Wonder

    Six-pack abs are very nice. I have never liked the big muscles of body builders. I prefer a leaner build. However looks aren't important at all. What I find truly sexy is a man that respects me and values me as a part of his life. I personally feel that nothing could be sexier!


  • SixofNine

    Why thank you ;) Is it the amorous fishtiality, or the mud blackened fingers? :-D

  • lovelylil

    The men I find sexy are as follows;

    Men who do chores without being asked

    Men who take the kids out for the day so thier wife can read or watch a "chick flick".

    Men who bring home flowers to their lady "just because".

    Men who not only listen to their women but actually TALK too.

    Men who cuddle and talk after sex after of just going to sleep.

    Men who say "you look beautiful today" - and not only on thier wives birthday or valentines day

    Men who suprise you with breakfast in bed

    And especially men who when their wife is talking, turn AWAY from the television and let her know what she is saying is MOST important to them. And those men who make their wives feel like there are NO other women in the entire world as good as they are.

    Hope this helps, Lilly

  • RAF

    LOL Sixy

    fishtiality ?

    ... ... Wathever I like this PIC !!! OK !!!

  • mimimimi

    Well, abr, it's different strokes for different folks. You should ask your wife what turns her on. Then do that, but also look for romantic things to surprise her. Bring her some little special gift gift you know she will enjoy occasionally. It could be something you buy, or something you find such as picking a flower. Give her a foot rub or massage. Send her a romantic or a funny card and write your own message in it. It can be a sweet message or it can be a funny message, maybe a private joke between the two of you. Tell her how much you appreciate her and what she means to you. Make her feel appreciated. That is a real turn-on to me. I think things done can be more attractive than how you look. But don't discount a pair of overalls with no shirt on underneath on a hot summer day.

  • SixofNine

    With all due respect to you ladies, the gentleman did ask what you find PHYSICALLY attractive.

    Clean hands vs Six pack abs is a valid talking point. Loving puppies and washing dishes vs a 7 inch tongue is not.

    Just sayin' ;)

  • mimimimi

    Hey, Lilly, everything you said is right on target. I couldn't have said it better.

  • mimimimi

    I think if I have a physical response to one of these things, that is physically attractive.

  • misanthropic

    ::Loving puppies and washing dishes vs a 7 inch tongue is not.

    Wait a minute, who has a 7 inch tongue ;p

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