Saddam executed

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  • hillary_step


    Hillary-Yes, I was uniformed. But I hesitate to think that it had anything to do with getting truthful information.

    I find that very hard to believe. I think it is exactly because of the uniform that the lies followed.

    You must be aware that the majority of polled Iraqi's, even those who were Shi‘ite and firmly against Saddam, viewed the US and its allies as an unwelcome occupying force and wished their departure sooner rather than later. If the Iraqi's were capable of invading and occupying the US to remove what they might view as an imperialist dictator, would the average America provide accurate information to their troops when questions were asked? In fact has this occurred in any wartime scenario which included an invasion? It is called collaboration.

    As I say, my peacetime experiences of the Iraqi people are at odds with your wartime experiences of the people, which when you think about the circumstances is not really suprising.

    Best regards - HS

  • Ténébreux
    I suggest a little remedial education on your part.

    I suggested that myself, if you'll recall, but you declined to take up the offer. Look, all I meant was that if hanging is good enough for one murdering sack of excrement, then it's good enough for another. Of course I wouldn't hang Bush, and I wouldn't have hanged Saddam either.

    How about this: George and his mates should have to fight on the front line in the next war they declare.

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