What's the most stupid comment a JW told you?

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  • moshe

    An elder at a meeting back in 1974 said- "Brothers there are only 16 more months until Armageddon begins"- I guess it has been a ve-ery slow and quiet begining.

  • JWdaughter

    "But honey, you know that this is the TRUTH!" mom.

  • atypical

    I'm embarrassed to even tell this, but it's too perfect for the thread.

    I was with four friends, three of them were inactive and one was df'd. We were at a strip club, and we were all drinking and smoking cigars. One of the inactive friends turned to my df'd friend and said, "You should get reinstated so that we can hang out like this all the time." I'm not lying, he really said that. To top it off, that was the only time in my life I have ever been to a strip club, and I got talked into it by this same guy who made the comment. I always think back to that statement and laugh, because it perfectly sums up the witness mentality.

  • bigmouth

    "We were at a bar, got drunk, and got thrown out. I forget why."

    FF, do you mean you got caught pissing on the carpet?

  • Ingenuous

    "Pioneers who have to come off the list get depressed because Jehovah withdraws His spirit from them. Since they don't go out as much, they don't need as much holy spirit."

    I was still "in" at the time and asked the uber-Witness who said this to me, "If God doesn't try anyone with evil, why would He purposely do something he knows would harm someone?" Blank stare - no answer - change of topic.

  • avidbiblereader

    My ex wife said "I do", that was before she cheated on me, lied, ruined my daughter when she left and got my daughter DF"d and divorced me on NO grounds and I believed her for 20 years, I believed witness marriages are different.

  • lighthouse19something

    'Miracles have cessed' tell that to my wife who had her leg amputed. It's slowing growing in length

  • lighthouse19something

    Well, Tyrone , I must be a serial raptist. Guess I kissed over 100 girls when I was single

  • jaguarbass

    If you dont go to the meetings, you will die at armegedon.

  • calico

    A CO who told a six-year old she was going to die at Armageddon if she couldn't sit still during the meetings.

    What a sick and twisted statement

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