I thought I was alone

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Elinor, greetings and welcome!

    There are many here, myself included, who lived through the time of the end and the end of this system in 1975. Wait, oh no, it didn't end did it? You will continue to find many who are spot on with their observations and quick to provide information you need when you inquire.

    Keep it coming!


  • daniel-p


    I enjoyed your first post and hope you stick around to hear other people's stories. Click on people's names and go back in thier post history - you can see how people were when they first came here and the progress they made. I, too, was raised in the "truth" and it was hard for me to develop some greater context of my beliefs and rationale for them. I am/was also a little angry that I never got a chance to fully evaluate my faith and accept it or not before I was thrown in full throttle, babtized, pioneering, serving at Bethel, giving public talks, going door to door.... I wished i would have not been born in the truth and been able to refuse it without now having so much to lose in the form of family and friends.

    Your account of how you felt when reading the Daniel book brings back memories. I remember people reading it soon after they got it at the DC and them being ecstatic with it. I was confused because it just seemed like it was pulling historic events out of thin air and threading it together with prophecy in the flimsiest manner. I had never even heard of these hisotric figures before and here they were supposed to represent the "kings of the north and the south." Once I did a little research on them I found there were other people and events equally or more important than those the Society talked about with the same figures. The single biggest thing I had to realize in my mental exit from the JWs was that they are just one more group on Earth who think they have a monopoly on Truth. Heck, they even call it "The Truth," as if there never were any contest to its validity.

    Anyway, stick around, and have fun.

  • MsMcDucket

    Hi Elinor and welcome. Didn't you just get tired of telling people that they were going to die if they didn't become Jehovah's Witnesses? I just never could understand why God would not resurrect my mother, who I thought was one of the kindess people in the world. She was in "Christendom" and all of "Christendom" was going to be destroyed because they didn't listen to the "good news", but the people in the bushes or some other out reaches of the earth would, "probably", get the resurrection because they didn't get a chance to hear the "good news"???? A lot of things bugged me!

    About the UN thing. The GB can use the "Great Whore's" library, but regular dubs aren't allow to be members of the YMCA or use the internet to look up stuff to search about Jehovah's Witnesses because it's evil!

    You ask other people to question their religion, but you can't question your own! It's sickening!

  • bernadette

    Hi Elinor and welcome

    I and my daughter are fading too.

    You said

    I was actually doing research for my dad who wanted to see the world's viewpoint of the failed 1975 prophecy.

    I wonder if your dad may turn out eventually to be an ally?



  • bernadette

    Hi Elinor and welcome

    I too am fading - my daughter has recently joined me

    you said

    I was actually doing research for my dad who wanted to see the world's viewpoint of the failed 1975 prophecy.

    I wonder if your dad may turn out to be an ally?



  • Clam

    Hi Elinor and a big welcome.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Please keep doing so. As a kid I remember the 1975 prediction, but the more you look into the whole cult the more bullshit and double talk you see. If you possibly can, try and get hold of Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. As a former Governing Body member he exposes the whole kaboodle inside out. I'd also recommend these websites:

    http://www.freeminds.org/ http://www.ajwrb.org/

    Keep on delving into the bizarre multi-national publishing company that pretends to be the voice of the creator, and keep on posting!


  • lisavegas420

    altelinor. they may have controlled your past, they may be interfering with your present, for forge forward...they have no hold on your future.


  • exjdub

    Welcom elinor!

    Right now I'm feeling kind of numb with shock. First I was scared (still am), then came the anger in a BIG way. I feel so betrayed and used.

    I had the same reaction as I am sure most, if not all here did. Quite normal however it is very unsettling. Give yourself time to heal and then when you are ready (and you will know when this is), try to open your mind and explore. It is very cathartic and helps deal with the anger. As hard as it is to come to terms with, if you were not betrayed and used you likely would never have learned the truth about "The Truth". Enjoy your journey.

    Warmest Regards,


  • TopHat
    Well...when we studied chapter 17 and came to the prophecy about the 1,260 days and it was applied to Rutherford's imprisonment, I wanted to throw the book across the room, seriously that was my first reaction. I just kept thinking, this is ridiculous, this is just ridiculous. It didn't make any sense to me how they could apply that prophecy in that way. The way they've twisted other prophecies to apply to them also began to bother me tremendously.

    HI elinor and Welcome, I had the same thought as you when I read the Daniel book....I said to myself...WHAT!

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Goooo elinor!!!! You just found the best medicine in the world. There isn't any aspect of your mind that can't be healed in time with this forum. There is absolute brilliance here and laughter too. Good luck!

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