Revelation Climax, page 52, Kindly Respond

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    Jesus has red eyes.

  • kurtbethel

    My take on this is different than any other I have seen. The heart of the issue is the vast difference between Bible Jesus and Watchtower Jesus. Bible Jesus is just that, the Jesus described in the Bible. Watchtower Jesus is a fanciful composite being of Bible accounts, wild speculation, folklore, spiritist rants and manufactured attributes. Watchtower Jesus is his own trinity, of Michael, Jesus and Abaddon. Some unknown persons in charge of writing and publishing are telegraphing the fact that they know Watchtower Jesus is a hoax put over on the R&F. Where I differ in the usual view of that being a secret apostate, is that whoever shows this hoax to be in place is not sympathetic to the R&F, but instead they are rubbing the masses' nose in it, as if to say something like, "we are putting one over on you people, but you are so clueless that we are putting it right before your face that this is a big joke and you will still not catch on."

    Those associate guys are creepy. Their eyes are rolled back a little, reminds me of rabid dogs. What they are doing is even more creepy, and of course that hand really puts it over the top.

  • Hope4Others

    Sure makes you wonder about the book, I no longer have it but there are many pages with sublimanal pictures I have seen for my self....


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I pulled my 1988 Rev book and guess what? It"s a stupid picture, that"s all


    This is definately worth bringing back to the top - especially for all the newbies on here now


  • mrsjones5

    Is it me or do those guys in that pic look like Billy Mayes knockoffs?

  • lurk3r
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    Please take a look at this image linked below.

    This is from a rare book from the 1500's.

    What do you make of the claw hands here?

    What do you think this image is telling us?

    (the pan and zoom shows some interesting details)

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Will do, cameo.



  • Farkel

    Like others, I've seen many discussions regarding Watchtower art. Some of the artwork cannot be explained away, much of it can. I tried to make my fingers conform to the shake of the hand in the picture you discussed, but cannot do so. It is a totally unnatural position for the fingers. Since all the others hands are symmetrical, this one really jumps out, and because of the huge difference in color it doubly jumps out.

    I'm still of the opinion that there are people in the WT art department who are either bored, mischievious, closet apostates, or all of the above. The Bethel culture is such that it begs people to rebel from their evil, cold-blooded taskmasters, "just to be able to get away with it." To slip "demonized" graphics into the artwork and get away with it must really give those guys a vicarious thrill!

    I know this is a bit off topic, but I just want to bring up the fact that graphic imagery is a very necessary part of WT tactics. One piece of artwork can evoke a much strong emotional reaction than can a 500 page book. We older ones all vividly remember the two page drawing of Armageddon in the 1958 Paradise Lost book and how terrorized we were when we saw it as children. That book was a CHILDREN'S fer Christ's sake! They even had a poor little dog falling to its death in the drawing. Why show something like that to little children, except to terrorize them into submission to the Watchtower Corporation? That book definitely qualified as child abuse, because I had nightmares about it, and so did probably thousands of other JW children.

    Heather and Gary Botting in their seminal book "The Orwelian World of Jehovah's Witnesses" devote an entire chapter to Watchtower art and what kinds of visceral responses it evokes. One of the classic uses of Watchtower manipulation is shown by two scans from WT literature in that book. In the first drawing, a young mother and her small son are crying at the gravestone of their father who had just passed away. In the second drawing, the gravestone was turned over and the resurrected father was smiling and running towards the mother and son. What is so creepy about that? Here's what: in the second drawing the mother's hair style had not changed and neither the mother or son had aged a single year! What a clever manipulation of people's minds, to use an illustration to convince people that the Paradise Earth(tm) is imminent!

    Disgusting and even evil, I say. And I'm not talking about the "satanic" images, either. I'm talking about the "satanic" images of blood and gore at Armageddon that is a routine part of Watchtower literature.


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