Bizarre November 2006 KM

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  • Gill

    Rasillon and Auldsoul ! Very good! I'll take the alphabet soup and the pizza!

    When put like that , it makes total sense that long standing JWs will refuse any blood product as they themselves, though they would never dare admit it, can probably see the nonsensical mess the WTBTS is making of the blood issue!

    Blood or no blood? - that is the question!

  • bronzefist

    Welcome yakata.....thanks for the scans.

  • Gilberto

    Notice the cell salvage

    perhaps in a continuous process, returned to the patient

    And hemodilution

    blood is diverted to bags.... During or at the end of surgery the diverted blood is returned

    JW: "So we can't store our own blood, right?"

    Elder: "That is correct. Because blood leaving the body must be poured out."

    JW : "Is it okay to put it into bags during surgery"

    Elder: "Of course it is"

    JW: "So is it okay to put it into bags before surgery"

    Elder: "Of course it isn't"

    JW: "Just a bit before"

    Elder: "No"

    JW: "Why Not?"

    Elder: "Because blood leaving the body must be poured out"

    JW : "But I can put it into bags during surgery?"

    Elder: "OF COURSE YOU CAN!"

    JW "But isn't that storing blood that has left the body?"

    Elder: "No, because we call it 'haemodilution', and not 'storing' it is okay for a christian"

    JW: "Oh, now I understand I will die happy" [exit]

    PO: "Thank goodness for that!"

    Elder : "Yes, that was a close call, fancy a pint of haemoglobin?"

  • Fleur

    I've always put it this way: How much lettuce before it's a salad? Is it wrong to eat lettuce in salad but you can have a slice of the same head of lettuce on your sandwich?

    No wonder my mother was freaking out over this. Those of the really, really old school will just continue to refuse it all.

    I can't believe that they've even got hemoglobin in there, 33% indeed...does that mean that fornication is okay if you only touch 33% of...oh nevermind.

    Flaming hipocrates. If there were a fiery hell, they would surely burn in it.



  • cabasilas

    to continue:

    JW: "So, we can have some blood removed from our body so that medicial technicians can mix it with medicine and then later bring it back to us and re-infuse it?"

    Elder: "Yes, if your conscience permits it."

    JW: "But, if I just have the blood removed and stored for a later surgery, that's wrong?"

    Elder: "Yes. You would be breaking God's law."

    JW: "Why?"

    Elder: "Because that's what the Society says here in the Nov. 2006 OKM."

  • garybuss

    Blood can be saved and reinfused intra-operative and post-operative but not pre-operative.


  • uninformed

    When the Watchtower dumped Peter's words in Acts 15, they lost their AUTHORITY to discuss the issue.

    I happen to believe now that "abstain from blood" was a dietary protection rather than a medical statement.

    In 1997, I turned down blood after a car accident that could have led to my death. It didn't as you can see, but I have a change of heart on the issue of blood because of all the fine information and arguments that I have seen on this DB.

    But, in all seriousness, once the WT left the basic premise of Acts 15, "abstain from blood', there was no longer any basis for their discussing the issue.

    They are a religious (false) organization, not a medical organization. They should keep their mouth's shut and their non-Bible based opinions to themselves.

    I can see Jesus Christ and Jehovah sitting up in heaven saying that the sheep should be scientists.


  • Rabbit

    They cannot reverse the stand on blood, because basically, so many would leave, and they would leave VERY angry.

    Can you imagine how you would feel if one of your relatives or dear friends died because they took a stand on the blood issue and then later the WTS changed it?

    I have known no one who has died because of the blood issue, but just thinking about a reversal makes me mad. Not that they shouldn't do it, but mad about the deaths.


    Yes...I can...but, I don't have to imagine it. My Mom died 6 years ago when most JW's thought you could not take hemoglobin. Now, as you can see, it's 'OK' now. So, everything is... OK.

    The WT had actually released the info a few months before my mother died -- to a newspaper -- NOT to JW's -- that hemoglobin was acceptable as a 'conscience matter'.

    Remember back when faithful JW's couldn't accept vaccinations ? Organ transplants ? ANY blood products ? Our "brothers & sisters" died over all those issues, too. Then, of course, the GB screwed in a NewLight bulb...and changed their god-like minds...without so much as an apology to all the faithful survivors.

    And still...with all these barrels of Red Blood on their hands...they've chosen to stay in this dirty powerful business of deciding 'life and death'.

    Listen to us they us they say...

    And still...I am the only JW that was truly affected enough over my Mom's death to see that hypocrisy and get out. All the rest of my JW family are as 'happy as brain-dead clams'... they can't wait to see her in Paradise.

    If they remain 'faithful' of course.

    Rabbit (of the LIVID class)

  • JWdaughter

    I have just had it with the "conscience" matter stuff. Bible trained conscience. BULL. They are told what to do and they do it. It has not one darn thing to do with the Bible. They do not make decisions based on their conscience-that would indicate thought on their part. If they made decisions based on 'Bible trained Conscience" then they wouldn't have to be TOLD what their Bible trained conscience is telling them to do! (swearing under my breath now!!!) Arrgh.

    Love, Shelly

  • OnTheWayOut

    Sorry if I repeat, haven't read the comments yet.

    The Kingdom Ministry is trying to tell us what our conscience matter decision should be.
    At the same time, it is saying that we should know for ourselves why or why not accept
    fractions. This limits their legal responsibility toward individuals. Either
    a. we told them it was okay or
    b. they decided for themselves and explained their decision without WTS involved.

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