Bizarre November 2006 KM

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  • MegaDude

    The whole issue would be clear for the average Jehovah's Witness if the Organization just abstained from blood.

    But they don't.

  • Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep

    Shortly before my father passed away, I overheard doctors talking, saying albumin might help him. I rushed in and said he could have albumin. His doctor looked at me with a question on his face and said, "but you don't take blood". I told him we don't, but albumin would be ok. I called the local elders and they made copies of the magazine articles showing why we could now take fractions. When I gave this to him, he again said, "but I thought you didn't take blood". I said the articles would explain it better than I could. They began giving my father the albumin, but it was to late, and he really needed it much earlier. After my father died, it really began bothering me, how quickly I could do a mental "flip-flop" just because the magazines had an article showing "new light" on the blood issue. The facts are, blood is blood, a little or a lot, just as fornication is fornication, you do it or you don't, not do it just a little. I read an illustration, maybe from Rays book, but it's about a ham sandwich. Saying you can take fractions, but not the main components is like saying you can eat that sandwich, the ham, cheese, mayo, lettuce, bread etc., but just not at the same time, as a sandwich. What kind of crazy reasoning is that? Looking back, I find it amazing that you can be so easily swayed when you're in a cult. Thank goodness we're out!

    Little Bo Peep

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