So Who is the Biggest Watchtower Villain?

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  • testigay

    Wow!!! That's sounds a little bit of a conspiracy theory!!! So, the GB doesn't have any control at all????? Is the Corp which really governs??? Mmmm.... it's sounds weird. I think that the president is a puppet, as the rest of president of the corporations.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I revisited this question, revived the topic, because yesterday I read something new to me. Rutherford invented the current method of study in homes and at the meetings (with changes still following his basic set-up). Rutherford may have learned about hypnotism and applied his methods to studying. See my post thread called HYPNOTIC METHODS OF WTS.

    This changes my opinion of him just being a flim-flam lawyer/conman. If his con included these hypnotism methods (as I think they do) then he is pure evil. I don't think I need to convince you all of that.

    So Who is the Biggest Watchtower Villain? Joseph Rutherford

  • Mr. Kim
  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Seriously speaking...

    The biggest villain is not any specific person. The villain(s) are the actions, thoughts and lack of true christain love of all JWs that follow the faulty, robot-Nazi control style mafia tactics of the human leadership that is hell bent on total domination of every JW.

    The villain would have to be the self-righteous, indignity, the better than you attitude, the uncaring and dumping on fellow believers that ask questions and show a concern for all peoples not just the select few in the Watchtower clan.

    The human worldly spirit that DOES permeate throughout the entire network or rank and file has committed the vilest atrocities against their own kind and have never been held responsible for any actions. These people are the snobbish and poorly trained actors which take advantage of the good will and kindness of the average person. They will suck the life force and personal free will from all peoples in the name of GOD.

    YES! There are villains! The villains are the very people themselves (all JWs) that allow the elders and the leadership to get away with M-U-R-D-E-R and the obvious eventual sin against the Holy Spirit is very great indeed!

    CAN ANY R-E-A-L JW PROVE ME WRONG? I'm waiting for your answer..........

    Well, other than that, have a nice day! ---KIM

  • dido

    OTWO- i read a thread a while back about hypnotic tactics, and agree that they could be using them at the meetings, (unknowingly now of course). I also think that Rutherford was evil, and believe that the org stems from evil things, like the occult, pyramids, etc.

  • slimboyfat

    I want to write a thread on who is the biggest apostate villain (to be fair, to be fair, now). I am thinking of a list, who else could I add?

    Barbour, Paul Johnson, Oln Moyle, Schnell, Barbara Grizutti Harrison, Jerry Bergman, Penton, Ray Franz

    Hey - that would mean Ray Franz makes it into both lists.

    Who else should be on the list?


  • VM44

    Moyle and Salter.

    Moyle successfully sued the Watchtower over libel printed about him by Rutherford in the Watchtower.

    Salter wrote letters that are still going around today exposing Rutherford's lifestyle.

    Rutherford hated both these men.

    Farkel and Norm have posted about both of them here at JWD.


  • VM44

    I see you already listed Moyle. So I would add Salter to your list. --VM44

  • slimboyfat

    Are the Salter letters online? I have read a couple in Penton's new book, are there more?


  • VM44

    I think the book "Apostles of Denial," by Edmond C. Gruss contained some of Salter's letters. I do not know if they are different from the the letter Penton published.

    Another name to add to your list is the former elder who made the movie "Witnesses of Jehovah" ten years ago. It is listed for sale over at the freeminds site.


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