So Who is the Biggest Watchtower Villain?

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  • greendawn

    I also agree that Rutherford (Ratherfraud) is the top villain on the list, the WTS as we know it is not Russell's creation but Ratherfraud's and bears the imprint of his demonic personality everywhere.

    Russell though not a saint he was far more balanced, for him Armageddon was the destruction of human government not most of mankind and he didn't visualise a total isolation of the dubs from the rest of society or a centralised dictatorial organisation and the earth bound class that is not part of the New Covenent. It was Ratherfraud that propagated those situations, after hijacking Charlie's org.

    Russell though had some strange connections with free masonry and the occult that create disturbing suspicions.

    As for Franz he has to be the No 2 villain due to his extreme power lust and for introducing the blood ban and the shunning policy among the dubs also for making the org fully dictatorial. He dominated for decades even during Knorr's era.

  • AuldSoul
    blondie: The ones who tells or supports the lies knowing they are lies.

    I agree. But I think ALL the Governing Body have accomodated the teaching of things they know to be untrue.

    Not necessarily the same things; I do not think there is unanimity in the Governing Body (which is odd, since they DEMAND unanimity in the preaching). But I think each of them has serious problems with one or another teaching and they condone the teaching anyway.

    If someone stands for truth, they stand for it, unambiguously. If they spot a lie they stand against it, unambiguously. They aren't concerned about whether someone will think badly of them for it.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I would have to go with Rutherford.

    while it is true that Russell started the whole thing, what is also true is that even today there are groups that follow the path of Russell-ism, and they seem to be not nearly as neurotic as Dubs. I don't agree with their theology at all, but it seems they don't leave a wake of devastation as broad as the WTB&TS does. Then again, I'm not privy to the Bible Students' dirty laundry. Maybe they are just as bad.

    As for Knorr, consider:

    "There are some things I know -----I know that Jehovah is God, that Christ Jesus is his Son, that he gave his life as a ransom for us, that there is a resurrection.

    Other things I'm not so certain about. 1914----I don't know. We have talked about 1914 for a long time. We may be right and I hope we are."

    This was spoken not in private conversation, but before the Governing Body in session. This was not just a momentary thought on President Knorr's part, one of his closer associates, George Couch expressed virtually the same words.

    Then the Chairman's Committee, consisting of Albert Schroeder, Karl Klein and Grant Suiter, produced an unusual document. It suggested that the expression "this generation" would begin to apply not in 1914 but in 1957, forty-three years later!

    1914 would not be dropped, it would stay as the "end of the Gentile Times". But "this generation" would begin applying in 1957.

    This was discussed in the 1975 meeting of the Governing Body.

    -- page 248 "Crisis of Conscience" by Ray Franz

  • VM44

    I found the thread about Fred Franz.

    It was started by under_believer and contains his account of "bumping" into Fred Franz at a special gathering.

    TRUE STORY--I Met F.W. Franz


  • kilroy2

    The people who follow and know it is BS. be it ruthaford or norm guardner. They know that this is a load of crap, but push it off to control others and make their tiny pieny fell bigger.

  • OnTheWayOut
    7. Ray Franz

    I hate putting him on the list of possibles.

    Ray Franz is my hero. He tried to stay and make changes.

    He was sincere (wrong, but sincere- all former JWs were WRONG including me)

    Once he couldn't make changes, he left and tried to avoid DF (like many on the JWD).

    Once DF, he spoke up louder than many others have, revealing information to help others become AWOKE.

    He clearly rejects Jehovah's Witnesses doctrines, even if he won't satisfy the masses with a verbal rejection of some of them.

  • Finally-Free

    The biggest villains are the rank and file members who ignore any common sense they may have, and shun their families and friends because the cult tells them too. Often they do this without even knowing the nature of the alleged offense. With this blind obedience, they are the ones who have given the cult its power.


  • heathen

    They all suck .

  • Anitar

    Is there a need to say at this point that they are all equally guilty, except Ray Franz? As for who was the worst, it must have been Rutherford. Russel was an arrogant mislead fool. But after all, who's more foolish the fool, or the fool who follows him?

    By the way, am I the only one who thinks Russel's death is a little suspicious? Rutherford was by his side all the time, and published a postumous book in his name with the ludricus claim that he had dictated it from the grave. Then he seemed to gain instant power in an organization founded by a man who never intended to have a successor. So is it not logical to theorize that Rutherford planned all this? Any thoughts?


  • Dismembered

    I say CT Russell. If he'd of stuck to haberdashing (his original forte) he would have spared many much bullshit.


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