The God Delusion

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  • jstalin

    Tophat - I believe that Santa Claus created the whole universe last week. Of course, I have no evidence for this, but just because I'm saying it, I've made a valid argument - so I think it's important that you believe in Santa Claus, or else he's likely to punish you eternally once you die. Santa's Hell consists of building little wooden toys for eternity.

  • AlanF

    Top Hat appears to be exactly the sort of unreasoning true believer that Dawkins describes in his book. The sort that believe mainly believes because he was taught his religion in childhood and has never gone beyond looking at what he learned at his mother's knee.

    I just picked up this book yesterday and read the first 1/4 of it. Awesome! I think it's going to be a watershed in the history of atheism.


  • TopHat

    No Alan, my Mother and Father didn't believe in God....but she did respect those who DO!

    I am female btw.

  • funkyderek


    The very idea that our perfect human body evolved from primoral soup over billions of years is unconceivable to me. SOOOO I have to believe we have an Intelligent creator.

    That is a classic example of an Argument from Personal Incredulity. Essentially what you're saying is: "I don't understand your theory, therefore my theory is correct." The flaws in that viewpoint should be obvious, but I'll spell them out anyway. If you don't understand our theory, you're not in a position to debate it. If you (claim to) understand it and think it is flawed, that does not mean your theory wins by default. You have to provide positive evidence supporting your claim, namely that an intelligent being complex enough and powerful enough to create a universe can and does exist.

    (Of course you'd also have to explain the origins of such a being and as you've ruled out natural forces as insufficient to explain complexity, I don't see how you could do that without appealing to an exception.)

    "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

  • TopHat
    so I think it's important that you believe in Santa Claus, or else he's likely to punish you eternally once you die. Santa's Hell consists of building little wooden toys for eternity.

    Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy! So I guess evolutionist have a 5 year old mentality.....Learn to read and understand before making assumptions about others. At least you should.

  • Dansk

    AlanF clinched it for me. I can't wait until Christmas, I've just ordered Dawkin's book!


  • Satanus


    Ok, you know who built the skyscrapers but you didn't say who built the universe, only that it exist. God has provided you the information that he made all things and gave you the ability to build skyscrapers. You reject this that so? BUT you are willing to believe Dawkins and what he wrote in his book? That is my arguement.

    Yes, of course, dawkins wrote another book. What if he claimed that it was really darwin that wrote it? Should i then believe that? Do you claim that god wrote a book? Everyone knows that humans wrote the bible. That is the bottom line. Even though some of it's writers claimed divine inspration, the book has all the signs of being of merely human origin. Also, the bible god is very human like in his reactions.

    Btw, i haven't read dawkins' book. I don't believe evolution because of him. I believe it because of the evidence in nature. All of the signs are there. There are no signs of your god in nature, or anywhere else, except the manmade book, the bible. This leads to the conclusion that your god is a human creation. 'Course, if he is able, your god is welcome to come here to the earth, visit the different countries, put in some kind of permanent presence.


  • skeptic2
    As for a contest?? What has the Paranormal got to do with me interring a contest on Paranormal....and Occult? I think I will pass on that! You misunderstand...I have never seen a spirit.

    TopHat - you say the universe is evidence for God. God is a supernatural being. God creating the universe is a supernatural event. Go to James Randi, present your evidence for God creating the universe, or anything in it, and collect your million dollars.

    But like I said, please remember me.

    Also, you dont seem to have read my link about male/female sex evolution, I'll paste a portion here:

    1. The variety of life cycles is very great. It is not simply a matter of being sexual or asexual. There are many intermediate stages. A gradual origin, with each step favored by natural selection, is possible (Kondrashov 1997). The earliest steps involve single-celled organisms exchanging genetic information; they need not be distinct sexes. Males and females most emphatically would not evolve independently. Sex, by definition, depends on both male and female acting together. As sex evolved, there would have been some incompatibilities causing sterility (just as there are today), but these would affect individuals, not whole populations, and the genes that cause such incompatibility would rapidly be selected against.
    2. Many hypotheses have been proposed for the evolutionary advantage of sex (Barton and Charlesworth 1998). There is good experimental support for some of these, including resistance to deleterious mutation load (Davies et al. 1999) and more rapid adaptation in a rapidly changing environment, especially to acquire resistance to parasites (Sá Martins 2000).
  • Kudra


    A mysterious supernatural spirit forming humans out of dirt 'cause he felt like it IS the paramormal.

    A talking serpent is paranormal.

    A metaphysical genetic defect (credit Nathan Natas for that phrase) plaguing humankind is paranormal.


  • TopHat

    Skeptic, I say all creation is "evidence" of an Intelligent creator, and yes we can call him God or Our Father. Randi is looking for something that only HE can imagene....I can't provide Randi with anything except the wonderful way in which we are made and ask if he still thinks we came from a one celled ameba or whatever.

    The earliest steps involve single-celled organisms exchanging genetic information

    Where did the single cells come from?

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