The God Delusion

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  • Peppermint
  • AlmostAtheist

    Wow, the book sounds good. Honestly. I don't think it was your intent to advertise it, but it sounds interesting.

    The link takes you to excerpts from the book, well worth reading.


  • skeptic2

    Well it's on my xmas list.

  • RunningMan

    Dawkins is great. Praise Dawkins.

    Reading that just makes me want to strap on a string of dynamite and kill a few people in the name of rational thought.

  • CyrusThePersian

    I've already ordered my copy from Amazon. I can't wait til it comes!

  • VM44

    Richard Dawkins has made it his career to attack the concept of God. He has become a little to fanactical about it in my opinion.

    Of course, he is making a good living doing so as all his books have sold quite well.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    It looks like it might be a good read, judging by the excerpts.

  • kid-A

    "He has become a little to fanactical about it in my opinion".

    Fanatical? LMAO !!! Writing books and expressing one's opinions is being a "fanatic"?

    Do you think Dawkins is the one strapping bombs on his chest and blowing up civillians, assassinating abortion doctors or trying to prevent the teaching of scientific facts in public schools in the name of some fictional deity? Give yourself a reality check.

  • Satanus

    Maybe he is an evangelical atheist, heheh. After all, evangelism seems to be the american way.


  • VM44

    OK, I ordered his book, but I was NOT about to pay £20.00 for it. Got it from Amazon at a discount.

    It must be the Scottish in me.

    --VM44 ( of the frugal (cheap) class!)

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