Life in the new system... Ask your questions here....

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  • mrsjones5

    I suppose there will be no Cracklins!


    shoot I have a craving for them right now and the Walmart that I used to get them at has stopped selling them!

  • JH

    I'm sure we will have industries, internet, cable companies, beer, grocery stores, trucking companies, but no money.......

  • blondie

    Will there be professional sports?

    Will everyone use horses and wagons?

    Will there be will it be generated?

    Will there be gas, fuel oil, who will pump it, refine it, transport it?

    Who will maintain the roads?

    If you live in Minnesota, will you ever eat bananas again unless you travel to where they grow?


  • jaguarbass

    In my fantasy view of life, the new order already exist, probably in another dimension or on another planet. We started out there. We live there till we get bored or can no longer follow the rules of boredom at which time we come back here to earth, the pleasure planet. When we come to earth we have to surrender all our past life memories and any knowledge of ever having existed, Thats what makes this the cool ride that it is. I suspect there are other habitats that have different rules than earths. But we all choose to come here for this ride. The admission to exit is one death. All our past memories are placed on a cd like device to upload back into our brain when we reenter paradise. In paradise we can reflect on all our past lifes and experiences while petting the lions and playing with the cobras.

  • Mary

    Where will we get our morning coffee from if all the Tim Horton's are destroyed at Armageddon?

    Will all the birds be able to eat billions of dead bodies before a major outbreak occurs?

    Will Elvis still be able to live at Graceland, or will a local Circuit Overseer grab it before the King is resurrected?

    What are Jehovah's plans for the universe, if man is destined to spend eternity only on the earth?

    Will crocodiles enjoy the strawberries and bananas that I feed it?

    Will I ever get tired of petting a lion?

  • CyrusThePersian

    Where are all the children??

    When I was a dub this was one of the more disturbing scenarios I had about the "New System." At some point, the world will be full of people, all righteous and happy, so there will be no need to reproduce, so there will be no more children. Imagine that, a world full of bland, happy brain-dead adults. Bleah, you can keep your New Order, Thank you.


  • megsmomma

    Who are the ones that are so heartless that they will be willing to clean up all the dead bodies of children that Jehovah destroyes, and not feel bad about it??

  • restrangled

    Since everyone is going to be perfect, will they be running around nude again like Adam and Eve?


  • ZazuWitts

    Will you have to pay taxes on that new home you picked out in the wealthy parts of town, while in field service? Will Brooklyn collect these taxes to further their building/printing expansion?

  • greendawn

    Will people walk about naked and not feel ashamed? In their books surprisingly all people are fully clothed. Only Eve appears a little nude in the lost paradise.

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