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  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    When the earth is full and there is no need for any more children, will our sex organs wither up, die and fall off, or will we still get to enjoy them for old times sake?


  • jayhawk1
    All these posts and no one but me,has any questions about BlueBerrys!..Is there no one here that drinks excessively??..

    If OUTLAW does not make it through the Big-A, who will pet the lions and talk to the blueberries?

    There OUTLAW, I asked a question about blueberries.

  • blondie

    Marriage and sex in marriage when the earth is full?

    Well, the WTS finally admitted that married people were not required to try to have children if they had sex. I would say that the Bible says that God did on occasion prevent women from having children (Rachel), so maybe he could just have holy spirit act as a universal birth control device. Then people could stay married, have sex, and not worry about having children and overpopulating the earth.


    It was never God’s purpose to overpopulate the earth. To the perfect Adam and Eve, God said: "Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth." (Genesis 1:28) There is quite a difference between ‘filling’ the earth and overpopulating it. If someone asked you to fill a glass with juice, you would not keep on pouring until the glass overflowed. Once the glass was sufficiently filled, you would stop pouring. Similarly, once the earth was comfortably filled with humankind, God would see to it that further population growth stopped on this planet.

    Some JWs have speculated that they will be populating the universe based on this comment:

    Worldwide Security chap. 22 p. 184 par. 10 The God of the "Prince of Peace" Becomes "All Things to Everyone"

    To all eternity our earth will bear a distinction that no other planet throughout endless space will enjoy, though the earth may not be the only planet that will ever be inhabited.


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