Life in the new system... Ask your questions here....

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  • Honesty

    Which one of you is going to throw the first stone at me when I find out this is not what the pictures in the Watchtower magazine depicted it would be?

  • ButtLight

    If we are perfect, will we still have to go to the bathroom?

  • solo

    will people be resurrected at the place they died? what if their family have moved away - how would they find them?

    would people have to stay in one place? would there be air travel - would people be told where to reside

    what about when people become perfect, would they be able to create perfect machines that don't break down and would there be perfect inventions?

    what about all those resurrected - has anyone done the maths, every single person that died resurrected how many people is that exactly, where would they all go, would they be resurrected in stages and say 70% of JWs made it thru how many of the resurrected will they need to preach to during the 1000 years to get thru them all. I think its about two or three a month but then again havent they got a bit of clearing up to do at the same time?

  • restrangled


    I think that's what septic systems are for, ( before sewage treatment plants existed) .... My question is who is going to be pumping them out? AND.....where is that stuff going to go?

    Or maybe we will all have pooper scoopers like I walk around with for my dogs! Or...maybe even pooper police, shall we elect you now? You have my vote brother buttlight for bringing this up.


  • becca1

    I remember asking my mom when I was little if I would get hurt if I fell off of a mountain in the new system. She told me that a perfect person would know better than to fall off of a mountain.

    No joke, she really said that.

  • Gill

    If JWs are arrogant NOW what will they be like when they're perfect?

    Perfectly arrogant!!!!

    Will sex be allowed when the earth is full of people and there is no more room?

  • sir82

    How are all 20 billion resurrected people going to get a 3-acre plot and an American-style house on the side of a mountain and/or lakefront (every Watchtower magazine has this depiction when illustrating an "earthly paradise")? I don't think there are enough lakes to go around!


    Will Blueberrys speak any other language than English?..Will BlueBerrys have SuperPowers so they can fight off marauding hoards of Nomadic Juicers?..

  • jstalin

    Will there still be meteorites, or will god stop the whole universe as well?

  • Nowman

    Will there be McDonalds? (I am pregnant right now, I crave their fries)

    Will there be malls?

    Will I be able to get a new car every 3-4 years?

    Will I still be able to color my hair if I want to change things a bit or will I be so happy that I will not want change?

    Will I like peas in the new system, cause I hate them now, they make me gag?

    Will I get sunburn in the new system? Or will I just get nice and brown?

    Just a few of my questions....I do have more....****Nikki****

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