WAYNE CAIRNS - JW Elder EXPOSED - Pleads Guilty to "Indecent Act"

by Scully 51 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Tigerman

    "It makes you wonder if he was doing this kind of thing in public and on the job, does he also do it when he is engaged in the public door-to-door ministry?

    And since you're so cool about it and all, how about we send him down your way and let him drive your kids to and from school?"


    Thanks for clearing up some of my misperception. Yes, I heartidly agree with you about the gross hypocrisy of this situation and the fact that it's the same old story with the WT and W's . . .indeed, how dare they stand in judgement of others when they let one of their own off the hook. I, along with you and many others, have been judged by these pompous self-righteous aholes and the entire dynamic is sickening.

    If this guy was showing his swang on the job or door-to-door I would be compelled to get a couple co-workers together and laugh in his face next time he did it. And if he did it in front of MY kids they would do the same thing . . .laugh at him, and run like hell . . .any way you look at it he would be fired.

    However, you painted a picture in my mind when you asked . . . "does he do it when engaged in door-to-door ministry?" Unfortunately, I can only too well visualize the scene when I open the door and there stands Brother Dick ( pun intended ) with a gooey, faraway look in his eyes asking, " Wanna hear about all the bad stuff that's goin' on in the world ? "

  • misguided

    Wayne - [edit] Cairns [edit]
    I wonder if we should just give him a call? DO NOT HARASS THIS INDIVIDUAL WITH PHONE CALLS.

    source: [edit] It's the only Cairns listed in [edit].

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    Go on Misguided, can you make it quick though, as it's bedtime for us Brits, lol.

  • DannyHaszard

    Kudos to Scully for being on alert

  • rebel8

    For the record, my comments about "training wheels" are based upon my personal experience of rendering psychiatric care to pedophiles, rapists, and wanna-bes....not just an offhanded remark. I feel confident in making such statements.

    Any time someone does something of this magnitude, it's time to take every single precaution available to protect possible future victims. If that means once in a while a guy who has only a teeny problem gets attention in my posts, so be it.

    However, it's unlikely this particular guy just has a teeny problem. Let's remember--he pled guilty. It's not as though he was taking a whiz and got falsely accused of flashing.

    A guilty plea makes me wonder if he pled to a lesser charge--meaning his crime was more significant than flashing. Let's remember how the legal system works in that regard--he may have done something much more serious than unzipping.

    In any case, having this guy in a leadership position in the borganization cannot possibly do anyone any good, and can very possibly do many people harm.

    I see no down side to pressuring the borg to defrock him (figuratively speaking).

  • jgnat

    I see no down side to pressuring the borg to defrock him (figuratively speaking).

    The easiest way, in my mind, is public pressure, possibly by letters to the editor of the local papers. Calling the man himself or the Kingdom hall would be counterproductive, in my opinion.

    We could title our complaint, "Would you attend this church? Elder unfit to bus children, but remains in position of authority."





  • rebel8


    Great ideas, jgnat. I will begin writing letters asap--encourage others to do so also.

    Sometimes it takes several letters on the same topic before a paper will print them, so get your pencils out!

  • Scully

    here are a few other email addresses for those who want to express their opinions regarding this case:

    The newspaper that printed the article is:
    [email protected]

    News station:
    [email protected]

    Local Armstrong newspaper:
    [email protected]

  • Uzzah

    Of interest, Brian Cairns was a key player (elder) in the Vicki Boer trial against her abusive father.

    I can't help but wonder if this is a relative....

  • rebel8

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