WAYNE CAIRNS - JW Elder EXPOSED - Pleads Guilty to "Indecent Act"

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  • mcsemike

    Metatron: How low can they go? They are already at the very bottom. (No pun intended.) They live in a sewer of lies, deceit, corruption and the breakin of every decent Bible principle I ever read. I know when I used to question elders and CO's, I'd get the "you weren't there, you might not have all the facts". Ane YOU WERE?? I asked??? Do I have to live in Malawi and Mexico for ten years each before I'm qualified to see the BS about the party card and military service. Do I have to be a delegate to the UN to verify that the WT was a whore when it joined the UN? I play the piano, better than most, perhaps. But if I'm playing even "Mary had a little lamb", and I hit a clunker, any five year old can hear it and tell me I made a mistake. He doesn't have to be better than I am to hear an error. I can get cute and say, "Okay, if you're so good, you come up here and play it better." But that's not the point. The WT already puts itself ahead of ALL other humans in every field of endeavor. My point is that the rank and file are perfectly capable or researching the Bible and the proof on the Internet WITHOUT THE WT'S HELP, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Many of us are writer's, scientists, highly educated, network administrators. I don't need the WT's permission to research the Internet and when I find something wrong then I have to report it, only to be told that Satan controls the media and of course he'd lie about us. Editors are NOT going to risk their jobs to make up sensationalism just to get a raise.

    How can thousands of elders be free from accusation when so many people hate them that if murder was legal, we'll get in line and fire until my pistol melted in my hands? I'm going to find that article in some WT in the 1950's where the writer was actually bemoaning the fact that the WT couldn't kill the rest of the world using whatever weapons they chose because they were all guilty of idolatry. If they can't wait to pull the trigger or at least now , wait for God to do it, why are WE crazy when WE want to shoot the whole bunch of them?

    To Anitar: Another good point about the money defending him. I wonder how many worldly people who donate a few bucks for the ragazines (Oh, I'm SO sorry, I meant toilet paper cutup magazines) would like knowing that their money will help keep a pedophile free and ready to do it again?? As far as only a JW can be trusted, I've been cheated more by JW's (usually elders) than all the worldly repairmen put together. It's a shame for the WT when my advice, when looking for a person in the yellow pages, is to ask "are you a JW?" and if he eagerly says yes, were you one?, I say I never hire or work with JW's, they cheat me all the time. How would Jesus like this?

    We are thousands on this forum. Doesn't anyone know a newspaper writer who would like this story. They love to dig up the dirt on scumbags like this. Can't we get the media involved more deeply?

    My best to all.

  • blondie
    The individual in question also was a member of the Judicial Committee that DFd and recently reinstated my source.

    I wonder how long he was df'd before he was reinstated? I saw a pedophile reinstated after only 8 months...it helps to be in business with 4 elders.


  • Scully
    The individual in question also was a member of the Judicial Committee that DFd and recently reinstated my source.

    Just to clarify, Wayne Cairns (who is the subject of the news article) was a member of the Judicial Committee. My source was the person on the receiving end of the Committee's "Loving Kindness".

  • sspo

    Don't jump to conclusion, if it went public and he is guilty he will be removed.

    What's going on behind closed doors you do not know and you will be the last to know or never know.

    Not every elder or body of elders is corrupted.

  • carla

    he will be removed.--Oh please!!! right! Have you not read about the many elders who are guilty and are still elders? give me a break.

    Oh, I suppose he could do the tears and acting remorseful bit, sit in the back for six months then be reinstated. Surely that would make children everywhere safe from this creep.

  • MsMcDucket

    Scully: Good work, sounds like you caught them red handed. What do you think will happen next?

    Anitar, they caught them red handed and with their pants down! Couldn't resist the pun.

  • Atlantis


    September 22, 2006
    Cairns Sentence

    A former North Okanagan-Shuswap School District school bus driver pleaded guilty in Kelowna court in connection with a spring incident at Kelowna's Orchard Park Mall. Wayne Dale Cairns of Armstrong was charged with performing an indecent act and was handed a conditional discharge and probation of 9-months.
    Police moved in after people complained a man was walking around exposing himself. No students were present either for the incident or for the arrest on the bus.

    Cairns resigned in the spring.

    Bob Crouse Standard Radio News


  • blondie

    Makes you wonder if this is the first time he got caught by non-JWs and has been a congregation problem for some time and it was covered up?

  • blondie

    Also, I am wondering if the WTS considers flashing like masturbation, a non dfing offense because only one person is involved?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Only if it becomes public knowledge.

    As with many organizations from politicans on down, it's all about appearance and spin control. Reality, ethics and integrity be damned.

    The only way he gets DF'd is if the Society is sufficently embarassed. Which is all the more reason to continue to expose their hideous treatment of abuse victims. The only way to effect change is to lift the rock and expose all the creepy crawlies underneath.

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