What is God???

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    Why worship him????..Did you see what he did to the Unbeliever with his SpaceShip??..That could be you!..If you want you can help me buy God a banjo..ROFL 7..LOL!! ...OUTLAW

  • jwfacts

    There seems to be a great force within the universe to create intelligent life. That to me is God. However, it is very hard to understand God as an almighty individual. There is no theology that adequately explains the existence of evil if we are governed by an almighty loving God.

  • ballistic

    I've come to the conclusion that god is this incredible universe in it's entirety. I don't believe in god as a person nor does it display love or fairness. I believe that praying actually works at some level because if properly done it alows you to tap into your subconcious, a kind of self hypnosis.

  • LittleToe

    "I AM"

  • Dansk

    Wish I knew!


  • Jerohobobonadad

    God is mans way of explaining the unexplainable. I read that somewhere, it makes sense to me.

    I would say this also: If you argue that everything on earth exists and shows evidence of thought and design then there must be a god/ God, then apply that same reasoning to god / God it goes on and on ad infinitum.

    I would say that it is impossible to know for a certainty whether there is a god/ God or not. Either atheism of theism takes a leap of faith. I am not prepared to take a leap in either direction.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Oh good grief, apparently JWD was down for a good chunk of yesterday afternoon and last night. I just got on here this morning.

    Wow, this has been really intersting to read.

    I would be interested to see a huge poll on this. One of those polls done by a research company.

    The thing is, I know that there are quite a few Christians and other theists on the board, I would be very curious to get a broader range of responses.

    It seems like a good number of people tend to think of God as a force or the universe or the energy etc. rather then a being. Although there are some of those there as well.

    Ok, to me this is important. Around here, there are a lot of discussions about God/god. Knowing that there are so many different perspectives on God/god gives us a reason to stop and really think where a particular person is coming from. God is not always Jesus around here, neither is God always Jehovah. When a person uses the term God, it's interesting to stop and think what does that person mean when they say God?

    After all, GOD is a word that has described for centuries what others have tried and tried to understand. But it has taken on so many meanings.

    Like the ones here.

    Thanks for All the responses. This has been very cool to read and think about!!!

  • jaguarbass

    No one can prove or disprove anything. But I think it helps to understand what people are really thinking.

    This is what I think based upon my 23 years post jw research. We are God, the mass conciousness. We have sent out little pieces of ourself, life, humans animals plants etc (sons of God) these are our feeling units attached to our cpu (central processing unit) This is the way we enjoy ourself. As far as I know, its the only game in town.

  • skeptic2
    Either atheism of theism takes a leap of faith. I am not prepared to take a leap in either direction.

    I understand where you are coming from, but atheism does not have to mean rejecting the ultimate possibility of a god, just that until any evidence comes forward it is not an idea worth considering, it's just not useful. In that sense atheism is the very opposite of a leap of faith, it is a refusal to take a leap of faith.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Interesting views everyone, Jaguarbass as time goes on I am leaning more in your same direction. I've at times wondered if when we pray, we are really praying to our higher self. I believe in a higher being, or conciousness I just call it the Creator, I don't think it is supposed to interact with us in the state we are currently in, nor do I think that he/she/it really cares what happens here on earth, these I believe are just things we experience while in our current bodies, but once we die, we go back to where we came from, and then we can decide what other experience we want to go through, I think that what happens here on earth does not affect who we really are, maybe just what we will experience next. Ultimately it really doesn't matter, because when we pass on to the other realm, all our questions will be answered.


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