What is God???

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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Is God just a ball of energy hanging around?

    Is God a Spirit Person as the JW's suggest?

    Ok, so I realize that there are a large number of atheists here, of which group I am ever so slowly counting myself among, who would love to shout down the topic with 'There is no God".

    My point in doing this is to get an idea what the general idea of what God is.

    Does the average person here think of God as being just mass consciousness, or does she think of God as being the Big Guy in Heaven?

    I think it's an interesting point.

    No one can prove or disprove anything. But I think it helps to understand what people are really thinking.

    I'll start:

    IF there is a God, I think that that GOD or being is not even a being, just this consciousness that exists.

  • skyking

    I feel God is the mass energy of all objects and organisms that is in the universe, nothing more. We like to put order in every thing so we as a race feel we must organizes this power to a Deity, GOD.

    Nothing more than this is what I think GOD he is all the energy in our univers.

  • OpenFireGlass

    god is just a character in several ancient books...

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Open Fireglass-good answer.

    I think God is who we make him to be. Each person who believes in God sees him or her a little differently. That's why the Bible calls him the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He was different to each one of them. But until he reveals himself totally, we only "see" him partially. I believe he is a distinct being, however.

    The Jews saw him as a warring, demanding and trite God. That is why the old testament is so hard to stomach sometimes. But if you look into the religious history of that time, he was not much different from the gods of the nations in some respects. The new testament has evolved because human thinking and beliefs had evolved. It reflected God as a much more loving and peaceful God. God had not changed, but the way people thought about him had. I think were still evolving in our knowledge of God.

  • free2beme

    I no longer see a centralized God. God to me, is a representation of the higher power of life. I think we all exist in a cosmic pool of life energy and in the physical form, we are anchored in one location for a short time. I think the mystery to God, is that we some how loss our knowledge in the physical of using this opportunity to enjoy ourselves more, and spend to much time wanting to get back to where we came from and where we are soon to go again.


    ..God is the one you pray to at dinner,but never shows up for dinner..God is the one you praise,when things go right..God is the one you cuss out,when things go wrong..God is the milk on your corn flakes..God has his own SpaceShip

  • frankiespeakin
    What is God???

    God is the mustard on your hot dog

    he the sugar in your tea

    he's just about anything you want him to be.

    I think God is multiplicity of things that you can't even imagine, and some things that you can imagine,

  • skeptic2

    outlaw - rofl, thanks!


    Sceptic2..Your welcome..I`m going to get God a Banjo for Christmas..LOL!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I don't believe in god anymore.

    As OFG says, he had a book written about him, but so did lots of other people, and we son't worship them, so why worship him?

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