If you were disfellowshipped would you become an active opposer?

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  • yesidid

    On Auld Soul's thread:

    Statistical effect of disassociating the inactive; http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/121008/1.ashx

    Mary made an interesting comment, she said:

    I can tell you right now, that if they do try and enforce shunning of inactive ones, I will go from being a passive ex-Witness to a very aggressive ex-Witness and will make sure that the media and everyone in the area I live, know what the Witnesses are doing. And that won't be a one-time deal. I'll plaster my area with my own tracts, exposing their hypocrisy, their false doctrines, their policies on child molestation and a host of other embarassing facts they prefer to keep hidden from the public. And something tells me, I won't be the only one with that reaction.

    Thank you Mary. I want it to go on record that I feel the same way, and if I decide to expose the WBTS in my area it won't be a pretty sight.

    What I would like to know is: How many are holding back from exposing the WBTS because they want to keep their family?

    How many would make the WBTS pay if they were disfellowshipped and lost their family?


  • phil78

    I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure what I would do. But I can tell you that I think DF'ing inactive ones could very well be a reality!!

    My mother asked me yesterday if she could tell the elders where we have moved to. At first I thought this was just another "we'de just like them to know your there and for them to call on you and say hello, we're here to help (Help what I don't know, didn't know i had a problem!!!), but then she told me that THE ELDERS HAVE ASKED PUBLISHERS TO TELL THEM OF ANY INACTIVE PERSONS THEY MEET IN FIELD SERVICE. Sounds to me like the roundup has already started.

    If this is the case (me and my family will be df'd) I will not hesitate to tell my extended family the exact reasons behind the df'ing. Including my reasons for becoming inactive in the first place, but would i publicly "bash" a religion for excommunicating me - not sure.

    how will this effect the in-laws!?! my wife is an only child - the death of her toddler brother took her parents out of "the trueth" almost 30 years ago. her near death expierence took us out 2 years ago. i'd say our df'ing would certainly make them think seriously about leaving again.

  • jwfacts

    It certainly did with me. I told the elders that if they leave me alone I will fade away, if they d/f me I will do everything in my power to alert as many people as possible to the evil that is the WTS. Since my d/f I have lodged proceedings against them with the Aust Privacy Commission, and over the coming years have plenty of other things planned as time permits.

  • parakeet

    I believe that posting on this forum is in itself an expression of active opposition to the WTS. Even JW apologists who post here are opposing the WT's ban on internet discussion groups.

    If the JWs DF me and my JW parents choose to shun me, I'll have nothing left to lose in regard to the WTS. So, as far as more active "apostacy" goes, it would be a good time to "kick it up a notch."

  • sass_my_frass

    I was disfellowshipped, and while it did change my mind about ever wanting to go back, and it showed my family and old friends up for the sad loveless conditional clones that they are, and while I pity them as much as I love them, I'm not willing to shake their world and interfere with what they consider happiness. If they were ever to ask for help or look like they needed it I'd be there for them, but aside from that I'm all live-and-let-live now.

    As for the corporation, I consider efforts to bring that down as pointless as campaigns against Nestle or BP. They've got a lot of money, and a lot of people who keep buying their stuff.

    I recommend this; if it happens that you're disfellowshipped, nurture yourself, lick your wounds, build up your strength and then get out there living life. If you become an activist it will always have some kind of hold on you.

  • blondie

    Actually, this has been the WTS policy over the last 50 years I was a JW. You were even to let the elders know if you found someone who was df'd or da'd.

    If I were treated as da'd, little would change for me. It might be harder to get the publications but there are "active" JWs on JWD that are so kind to share with us.

    I think I already to quite a bit that would mark me as an active opposer on JWD.

    But I have some other ideas up my sleeve.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OK first I will hand my head in shame.

    I was DFed in 1985. For 10 years I still believed. During that time I wrote a papers for a Medical Ethics course that support the WTS' stance on the blood issue from a medical standpoint.

    My prof was so impressed he wanted me to get it published in a ethics journal. He said it totally changed his mind on the position of JWs and blood.

    I'm glad I didn't send it to get published and I'm ashamed I wrote it.

    But NOW????? knowing what I know?????? well I've become quite vocal against them

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I have been actively opposed to the wts since I da'd last year, and will continue to be so. Hopefully, my activities will help prevent others from making the mistake I made in ever getting involved with that cult, and encourage those still in to re examine their beliefs, and find out the truth about the wts, as I did.

  • Gill

    I am faded but already a 'secret active opposer!'

    If DF'd, well...then the fun would really begin! There'd be nothing to lose, the gloves would be off, and would be outright war between myself and the Watchtower. Could even see me with a placard on Brooklyn Bridge with Danny!!!! And I'm not kidding either!

  • rebel8

    If I were disfellowshipped, I would become an active litigant.

    How many are holding back from exposing the WBTS because they want to keep their family?

    There is no need to hold back from exposing their destructive nature to avoid shunning. Simply do it anonymously, like me and thousands of others do.

    I have a web site, published a book, and distribute anti-cult information all over the internet and all over the place in print. I may be suspected but no one can prove it's me.

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