Born a witness, raised a witness. All my family are witnesses except my grandad, but he doesn't oppose it. Baptised at 16. Married a witness girl at 20, but only her parents are witnesses. Slacked off a bit once I was married and out of home, but still went through the motions. Never even considered leaving, although I felt unsure of some of the teaching I was supposed to live by. My wife was only a little more active than me, but would happily skip a meeting if I wanted to stay home. Went witnessing once a month. My wife got pregnant (by me) and had our son in Oct 2004. We were both 26. She began heavy internal bleeding straight after the birth, which went undetected by anyone. When it came gushing out, she fainted and was bairly concious as they took her to emergency theatre to tie up all the bleeders. We both stood by the No blood rule. They were pumping saline in through 3 drips to bring here pressure back up. She came back barely functioning and unable to do anything, even nurse the baby. I went home that night and hit the internet, cruising medical web sites trying to understand what had happened, possible further complications, what fractions she needed etc. Then hit the Watchtower CD to see if the blood products/fractions she was low on were allowed. The contradictions and variations over the years hit me immediately, and left me pretty confused and a little upset. Then i found this site. All my questions suddenly had answers. But how to tell my wife? By day 3 her blood was to thinned out by saline and it was starting to settle in her lungs. She couldnt walk or roll over to move it around, and started to get real sick. The hospital was considering moving her to another that had a better intensive care unit. With only a little prompting by me and her doctor, she tearfully agreed that blood was what she needed. She was very emotional, and scared of dying without holding our son. The hospital staff were very understanding. She was moved (hidden) in another room so she would not get any visitors. The nurses were stopping everyone entering the ward and were turning the witnesses around, telling them no visitors today. After 12 hrs of transfusions she walked out of that room! I later shared with her all the stuff I had found, both here and on the CD, and how I was never going to go back to all the lies. She was unsure, but agreed to look into it herself. The rest is hisory. We are trying to disapear quietly, and havent been to a meeting since the birth. When it all becomes a little to obvious for the family, i will tell them straight, and let them deal with it their way. As for me and my family, we are out and happy!