Pilot admits to shooting down 93 receives medal for it

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  • Seeker4

    Thanks, Monkeyshine! I close my case.


    Actually, I only wrote the first two sentences in that post. The rest is copied and pasted from the Popular Mechanics article you referred to. You should point out the numerous errors in my two sentences. I missed them, somehow.

    As to the run-on paragraph, that comes from using Firefox on a Mac computer, my work computer. This is something many people here run into, as can be seen from the plethora of run-on posts. Usually the formatting can be corrected in a couple of ways - by clicking one of the boxes at the bottom of the screen during the original post, or by hitting the edit button. Neither of these worked today. I'll bet there's a 9/11/06 conspiracy behind that as well!

    And this argument about grammar and spelling is silly - exactly the point I was trying to make. My point is simply this - if you don't have enough education to write a few sentences without numerous errors, how can you be trusted to figure out the scientific and technical flaws in the 9/11 studies that have been done? Maybe someone does, but it hardly builds confidence in their ability. Perhaps you've seen the Robin Williams skit on why it's never reputable nuclear scientests who are abducted by aliens and anally probed - it's usually Clem and his buddy Bubba while they are out drinking and bass fishing. It's a great routine, and I'm sure it's available online.

    Okay, I've been having a bit of fun at your expense with this. I apologize. Perhaps you should just go to Amazing's post asking for the hard evidence for the conspiracy, evidence with some kind of verifiable proof, and we can take it from there. I'm sure you're a great guy, and in no way an obsessed, uneducated, conspiracy theory nutjob. I apologize again for having intimated that. If we met, we'd probably have a great time shooting darts at the local pub and downing a few cold ones. I'm not a complete asshole, though I am at times confused with one. As some might rightly assume from this post.

    I wish you a very happy evening. I must move on, as I have an article to get finished. Will check in later. Thanks for the PM, and I do forgive you for the derisive comments about my manhood. I understand the frustrating corner I had put you in and your need to strike back - though that type of response about small penises is quite beneath you. So to speak.


  • crazyblondeb

    Did any one you not read and actually absord the previous post? Let this go, at least till tomorrow. This should be a day of honoring the fallen and their families.

    Wait and continue this shit tomorrow. Show some respect!



  • mkr32208
    it was shot down by a lone gunman was it?

    Flight 93 was shot down by the two lookers behind the grassy knoll...

    SHUT UP SEEKER YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!! YOUR CLOUDING THE ISSUES WITH FACTS!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!! YOU!!!!!! TO!!!!!!!!! HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The steel melting at a lower temperature than it should of melted

    It's a red herring. The steel did not melt, no one said it did. At the max temperature of the fire (estimated at 1800 or so degrees) the steel lost almost 3/4's of it's strength... It did not melt, but it got close enough that it made no difference!

    building falling at free fall speed

    They didn't. Another lie took almost 6 seconds longer than free fall speed.

    I do not think that our government planned the attacks but I do think they let it happen.

    I would agree with that.

    Just like it has been proven that the US knew before hand that Pearl Harbor was going to happen. That is no longer a conspiracy theory but has been admitted to by the US Government why because of the Freedom of Information act see history channel story for proof.

    That show stated pretty fairly that the government DID NOT know. While they knew that the Japanese were going to attack they did not know the day or the hour so to speak and would definitely not have lost the majority of their fleet for that fools game!

    FYI-You can go to Google earth and zoom in on pearl harbor and see the memorial ship (the Arizona?) from space it is HELLA COOL!

    What I love is the same person will tell you that Dubba is the stupidest man to ever live and then 10 seconds later they are telling you he masterminded the most brilliant conspiracy in history...

  • skyking
  • Seeker4


    You're right. I apologize. This was unnecessary and out of place.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Sorry but I see no logical reason to disbelieve established fact regarding the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

  • Amazing

    Hate to burst your bubble:

    FACT: Saying he was reluctant to fuel debate by responding to unsubstantiated charges, Gibney (a lieutenant colonel, not a major) declined to comment. According to Air National Guard spokesman Master Sgt. David Somdahl, Gibney flew an F-16 that morning--but nowhere near Shanksville. He took off from Fargo, N.D., and flew to Bozeman, Mont., to pick up Ed Jacoby Jr., the director of the New York State Emergency Management Office. Gibney then flew Jacoby from Montana to Albany, N.Y., so Jacoby could coordinate 17,000 rescue workers engaged in the state's response to 9/11. Jacoby confirms the day's events. "I was in Big Sky for an emergency managers meeting. Someone called to say an F-16 was landing in Bozeman. From there we flew to Albany." Jacoby is outraged by the claim that Gibney shot down Flight 93. "I summarily dismiss that because Lt. Col. Gibney was with me at that time. It disgusts me to see this because the public is being misled. More than anything else it disgusts me because it brings up fears. It brings up hopes--it brings up all sorts of feelings, not only to the victims' families but to all the individuals throughout the country, and the world for that matter. I get angry at the misinformation out there."
    Source: http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/defense/1227842.html?page=8&c=y

    Jim Whitney

  • mkr32208

    I don't see why this should or should not be discussed on this day. What makes this day better worse or anything else? I've just never understood that!?

    I'm not trying to be a smart ass I just don't get it! Why is Sept 10th or 12th ok but not sept 11th?

  • sinis

    The plane was shot down. In fact tail section were found seven miles away. A little bird told me that one of the fighters came back with less missles than it had before. Also, explain why there are TWO seismic readings for each impact - one proceeding each impact by about 10 - 15 seconds? Also, there are other seismic readings several seconds before each tower collapsed and the spikes are huge. Read about Operation Northwoods.

  • uwishufish

    I think Chuck Norris once pointed his finger and said BANG and shot down a WWII German Fighter.

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