Ever know of a great family movie, the Witnesses found demons or evil in?

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  • gaiagirl

    I don't believe anyone has mentioned "The Dark Crystal" yet, a fantasy about elvish beings, very clever special effects. Also, "Dragonslayer", in which a wizard is killed, and then his ashes are cast over an underground lake, and he is magically reconstituted to kill a dragon.

  • loli

    Oh yeah, childhood prohibitions: Disney movies with witches, fairies, magic, etc. Scooby Doo Three's Company Smurfs (according to JW urban legend, they can come out of the tv and posess children. One stuffed smurf toy supposedly got up and walked out of a Kingdom Hall) Wizard of Oz Casablanca (because of the affair in Paris)

  • Devilsnok
    you are SO making up that E.T. article, right?

    Nope I'm not, the article "Christ or E.T.?" appears in a 1983 Awake 7/8 on page 27

  • Gary1914

    Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

    It promotes greed in children.

    The Circuit Overseer told us an experience where a mother took her children to see the movie and her 11 year old daughter refused to stay because the greedy children were stuffing themselves with candy.

  • Kudra

    One of the Care Bears movies- it had some evil demon type creature in it.

    It was when we were first becoming JWs (I was lkike, 10 yrs old) and my mom took us to go see it. She made us walk out half way through it.



  • snarf

    Anger Management - because of the lesbians in the anger management class.

  • Kudra

    Gaiagirl- I LOVE The Dark Crystal- It was the first movie I ever saw in a real movie theatre.

    Must have been before we turned JW.

    I still rent it on occasion

  • joe_black

    I knew quite few JW's who refused to watch "The Passion of The Christ"

  • joe_black

    Oh! I forgot about all those JW's who won't watch "The Ten Commandments", lol.

  • rebel8

    I hope anyone considering becoming a jw reads this thread. Seriously, this is so illustrative of a high control religion with a lot of wacky ideas! As if the one and only true god would re

    I remember not being allowed to see Stayin Alive etc., because it shows disco, which is practicing spiritism and homosexuality. How ridiculous!

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