Ever know of a great family movie, the Witnesses found demons or evil in?

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  • misspeaches

    The road runner cartoons - extreme violence.

  • JWdaughter

    I remember watching Laverne and Shirley and after mentioning an episode, was counseled by a sister that Laverne had loose morals and Carmine was trying to get in shirley's pants(couched in more theocratic teminology) and that I shouldn't watch it. Of course, Little house on the prairie featured a one church town and it WASN'T a KH. AND, they celebrated birthdays and easter and christmas (I don't remember birthdays, but whatever). Wizard of Oz(wizard, imagination run wild), It's a Wonderful life(Christmas, suicide), Sound of Music (Nuns, and catholic church and portraying Catholics as nice human beings who were appalled by nazi-ism(Ok, the last thing is assumed))

    I read a lot of books about WW2 as a young person (9-14) and saw so many instances of very strong stances being made against evil-by non JWs that it gave me a broader world view than i am sure they would have liked. If my mom had been smart enough to guard my reading more carefully, she would have caught it, and my dad was not a JW and didn't really care-just worried that I read too many romances (back then, they kissed on the last page and that was it. I later discovered the trashy kind)

    Sorry, went way OT.

  • Devilsnok

    E.T got a mention in an Awake mag. it came under fire for three reasons

    The first that as a fantasy film it would lead youths to take an interest in fantasy and that would lead to an interest in horror and then satanism.

    The second was Eliot's potty mouth in the film. In one scene he calls his brother "penis breath." The Governing Body sh*t their collective geriatric pants when they heard that and were obviously frightened that youths would copy Eliot and start addressing the Elders and MS and brothers down the hall as"penis breath"

    Thirdly there was the resurrected E.T scene. We all know that only Jehoobah can resurrect the dead and that it isn't something that wrinkly little aliens can do so the film had to become a no no for good dubs.

  • Gill

    Harry Potter!

  • Mary

    Passion of the Christ......even though it's not a "family" movie, I find it ironic that Dubs were cautioned against watching it, even though it's right in there with their own views.......musta bin the Cross they didn't like.

  • luna2

    I remember a group of us sisters all taking our kids to see Willow. It had magic, violence, a cross-dressing hero, sex (implied), potty-mouthed, half-naked brownies and demonic sorcery. I think we all felt very unclean and ashamed afterward but we all sat there and watched every minute of it. I don't think anybody even suggested that we walk out...but then Val Kilmer with long black hair brandishing a sword was very fine.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    We were told that none of the Lord of the Rings films would be suitable viewing for jws. I went to all 3, and never mentioned it.

    A lot demonised Forrest Gump as well, but I saw that as well

  • Gregor

    A similar personal experience. My wife, sister and I got tickets to a taping of the old Steve Allen Show in L.A. many years ago. We enjoyed it and were aware that we had been on camera a few times and looked forward to seeing the broadcast which was like a month later. As it turned out, on the day of the broadcast our Circuit overseer uncle and aunt were in town on a visit. As the hour approached we told them about the program. When the show started and the guest list was announced and my aunt (a very overbearing Mrs. CO) heard that the Amazing Kreskin (a mentalist type magician)was on it she went into full righteous indignation mode. "Why didn't you just leave?" "You know that's demonic don't you?" etc. We watched in strained silence until the Kreskin segment came on and then turned it off under the pressure of her disapproval. Never did see the show.

  • Devilsnok

    Taken from an Awake in 83


    Extra-Terrestrial burst on the scene in the United States this past summer, attracting theater audiences in record numbers. In only six weeks it grossed nearly $150 million. With spin-offs in E.T. dolls, toys and other merchandise?as well as the movie?s release in other parts of the world?it is estimated the public could spend a whopping $1 billion on E.T. Why the E.T. fever?

    The movie depicts an ungainly 3-foot (90-cm)-high creature from space, stranded on earth, who befriends a ten-year-old boy named Elliott. E.T.?s friendliness and benign powers, such as healing the boy?s cut finger and bringing flowers to life, win the affection of Elliott and his family. Sadly, a wasting illness appears to take the creature?s life. But when he is inexplicably "resurrected" before Elliott?s eyes audiences cheer. His touching good-bye, when E.T.?s alien friends take him home, leaves hardly a dry eye in the theater.

    Interestingly, many have noted parallels in the story to that of the life of Jesus Christ. Said Professor Albert E. Millar, Jr.: "I think the thing that struck me most was the idea of the capacity to heal, and then when E.T. died and was resurrected." We have in E.T., then, an enchanting Messiahlike figure that gives momentary emotional release to our need for a true friend with powers greater than ours. Therein lies the movie?s great appeal.

    Despite its seemingly Christian message, however, the movie subtly condones youthful misbehavior. In an early scene we find youths playing "Dungeons and Dragons" in a smoke-filled room with a lighted cigarette on the table. Later on, when E.T. gets drunk sampling beer, and Elliott in telepathic sympathy feels the effects, it is all portrayed as something cute. Further, some of the language used by these children is gross profanity. This, along with the supernatural aspects of the movie, has bothered many Christians.

    Whether parents or their children see this movie is, of course, a matter of personal choice. But because of the movie?s great popularity, let us not forget that it becomes an effective vehicle for sugarcoating youthful conduct that is definitely wrong.


    may be a skillfully constructed and highly entertaining movie. But it provides no substitute for our True Friend, Jesus Christ, who saves us from this dying, wicked world. After all, E.T. is make-believe. Christ is reality.

    Funny how that stuck in my mind, maybe that was the thing that started me thinking what bloody killjoys the GB were

  • luna2

    E.T. may be a skillfully constructed and highly entertaining movie. But it provides no substitute for our True Friend, Jesus Christ, who saves us from this dying, wicked world. After all, E.T. is make-believe. Christ is reality.

    Oh, BARF! WTF does one have to do with the other. Hmmm. Jesus or ET. Jesus or ET. I just can't decide which to choose!

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