Ever know of a great family movie, the Witnesses found demons or evil in?

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  • dissnchntd1

    well i`m sure Lord of the Rings, tho i have watched it numorous times, most enjoyable!

  • Devilsnok
    I just can't decide which to choose!

    Ok ones small and wrinkly (bit like Mary), the other has a beard

  • dissnchntd1

    so i`m guessing that monty pythons life of brian is a no no then. lol

  • lonelysheep

    Well, I've never seen or let my kids watch any of the Harry Potter movies, though I'm told they're great.

    I feel bad for those of you who couldn't watch all those great disney animated movies!

    And luna, I would watch Willow everytime it was on tv! Excellent movie. I've always enjoyed movies in that era of fantasy.

    What was wrong with Forrest Gump? I don't get it.

  • luna2
    Ok ones small and wrinkly (bit like Mary), the other has a beard

    Thank you, Devilsnot. The choice is clear now. ...Although, Mary might stomp ya for that small/wrinkly remark.

    lonely, I might have to go home and pop Willow in the DVD player tonight. I do love that movie.

  • achickwwit

    Not a movie, but Three's Company was banned from my Witness house!

    Oh, and Gremlins was the sin of all sins!

  • love2Bworldly

    Devilsnok--I too used to secretly laugh at that stupid article in the Awake about ET. I could have sworn they also mentioned something about ET's finger being a phallic symbol--maybe it was another Question from Readers or something? Anyway, I really crack up now when I think about their absolute stupidity.

    My best friend spent the night at my house so we could sneak out to the show and see Rocky, her elder dad said it was too violent. We were 16 years old for goodness sakes!

    Oh and I remember my friend's mom was offended at Snow White cartoon or one of those cartoons because they said the word "Hell", not because of the magic.

  • Bammer

    The Witches of Eastwick. One time, I was stupid enough to tell some JW friends about a funny scene in the movie, and they immediately told me I couldn't possibly have watched that movie all the way to the end.

    I would actually have thought Gladiator was forbidden, because of the extreme violence portrayed. But I remember one time in book study, the conductor (or whatever it's called) would refer to the movie to comment on how horrific it had been for the christians who where killed in the colloseum. I was really surprised he openly 'admitted' he had seen that movie.

    No a movie, but hen I was a kid, I was told that the smurfs were a no-no, or that they had previously been a no-no or something. My mother couldn't remember the reason, and had no problem with me reading the comics.

    Also, the TV series Friends was more or less OK to watch here in Europe, but when I told some JWs in the States that I watched it, they looked at me in disbelief.

    Take care

  • love2Bworldly

    Bammer--I think Friends was considered too immoral. I loved that show, but my JW sister is very offended by it.

  • Kudra

    you are SO making up that E.T. article, right?

    or... are you...

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