Pics of you with someone famous or a story???

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  • blondie
  • czarofmischief

    I met George Romero when I was working at Starbucks.

    He came in and gave me his autograph, but I don't have a picture. Wish I did.


  • jaguarbass

    In the 90's I would see and talk to Hulk Hogan and the Macho man Randy Savage in the Worlds gym I would go to 2 or 3 times a week but I never thought to take a picture. I never saw anybody else take pictures either.

  • OpenFireGlass

    A story...

    2 years ago at the same event (Reggae On The River) My job was "Backstage Runner", I gave Alicia Silverstone a ride back to her accomadations...

    So here's the funny part.. I had no idea who she was when she jumped on my ride... Gave her a ride to her cabin.... waited for her to change... Gave her a ride back to backstage.... Then my homies I was workin' with were like, "you Dog"... I'm like, "what are you talking about"... They're like, "You're so lucky, you got to ride around with Alicia Silverstone in the front seat of your cart"... Me, "oh, really, I had no idea" DOH!

    Also at "Reggae", I've met, Danny Glover, and Montel Williams.....

    Plus all of the musicians/artist (but that's a given perk)... I love that job..

  • Seeker4

    Well, as a journalist, it comes with the territory sometimes, especially when you write a lot for arts and entertainment, which I do. So, I've got to hang out backstage with, interview, write about and photograph a lot of well known people.

    A partial list would include BB King, Buddy Guy, Tommy Castro, John Hiatt, all the guys in Rascal Flatts (we ate lunch together, actually), Lee Ann Womack, Clint Black, the Bellamy Brothers, James McMurtry, Fred Eaglesmith, Josh Ritter (he was just on Bill Mahre's new show), Spyro Gyra (we went out partying after a concert, a really fun night), documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (he lives about a mile from my house, so we run into each other fairly often), the late Nobel Prize winning author Saul Bellow (his son was a good friend and one of my editors at a daily paper I worked for for many years) and tons of lesser known but probably equally talented singer/songwriters and novelists.


  • material BOY
    material BOY

    me with madonna

  • morty

    Gawwwd, we do have some legendary posters here!!.....Lots to comment about...

    but, the best so far as to be Blondie's!!! look great still!!!

    I will have more time to finish reading everyones posts later on tonight you popular folk!!!

  • juni
  • HadEnuf

    I hope these come thru. Here I am with Jimmy Newquist from Caroline's Spine (Pic 2) and his bass player, Scott (Pic 1). We went to see them last week at Taste of Madison. Jimmy produced my kids last album down in Tulsa, OK. Caroline's Spine toured with Kiss and Aerosmith in their "heyday". Does that count as famous?

  • wonderwoman

    Sixish years ago I was working at a nightclub in Minneapolis that had a fundraising event for the Democratic Party. Bill Clinton was the special guest. It was a pretty cool experience overall. I couldn't pee without a man in black appearing out of nowhere talking into his collar. The staff got a photo of Bill and us which hung in the front bar for the next couple years. My boss sold the place, we all quit. My last night I yanked the huge framed 2'x2' picture off the wall and took it home. It's in my closet.

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