Pics of you with someone famous or a story???

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  • HappyDad
    Got Clayton Moore's autograph

    The LONE RANGER? He was my childhood hero. Back in the 1950's at our "famous" amusement park in Pittsburgh..."KENNYWOOD PARK" (the roller coaster capital of the world) there was a stage where many stars were booked for appearances. It was a good drawing card. Anyhow......Clayton Moore....the LONE RANGER was there with SILVER his horse. I got about 20 feet from him and was in awe.

    Got Connie Francis' autograph after her performance at the same park in 1958 or 59. She stayed on stage until everyone got their autographed picture from her. I remember her as being very pretty and very short.

    Also got within 20 feet or so of the Rin Tin Tin cast. Old Rinnie himself (woof woof), Rusty B. Company, Lieutenant ???, and Sgt. ???? They appeared at a county fair near here about 1957.

    Ok........I'm really ageing myself here, but I'm sure some on this forum remember these stars!

    I know and have talked a few times with a semi-celeb who lives in my area. John Carleo....who is the creator of the Total Gym workout video and is in the commercials with Chuck Norris and Cindy Brinkley. John also holds the world record powerlifting championship for his age class. Not bad for a guy who is pushing 60. Talk about one hard-body" guy. John has the physique of 20 year old. All muscle! Check him out on the web.

    Other than local TV and music celebs, the only other star???? I met in recent years was in 1993. I met and rubbed elbows with quarterback Bubby Brister when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was a complete A$$pole. The guy had no personality, but thought he was a gift from God.


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