Pics of you with someone famous or a story???

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  • MsUrsy

    I went to a Steve Perry concert about 12 or 13 years ago in Utah...I have always loved Journey and had seen them in concert a few times in my early teens. Well, my husband works for the airlines and we had a long lay over in the Salt Lake City airport the day we were trying to make it back home, (13 hours), and my husband got up to use the bathroom, and as he was walking back, he was conversing with someone...I thought it was maybe another employee he worked with who was also traveling....and as I looked a little closer it was Steve Perry...My husband had told him that we were at his concert the night before. He went back to his waiting area, and me and another gal walked up to him and visited with him for 15 minutes or so....Got him to sign a picture of his for me...and the rest is history! Nice Guy!

  • Leolaia

    I have pics of me with Vint Cerf (father of the internet), me with Mark Thorpe (creator of Robot Wars/Battlebots), me with Will Wright (creator of the Sims), me with Jimmy Shaw (guitarist Metric / musician with Broken Social Scene), me with Musashimaru (famous yokozuna), and that's all I can think of at this moment....

  • abbagail

    No pics, and these stories are so old nobody would probably remember these "old timer" celebs...

    Living in Aspen, CO, in the 1970s, while waitressing at Cooper Street Pier I had to wait on Michael Douglass. He was with two young blond chicks. And he didn't look near as good in person as he did on the silver screen.

    Another time doing temp sec'y work in an attorney's office in Aspen, Mike McGrath's office, and Andy Williams' wife was his client, Claudette, who was having an affair with the ski instructor, Skooter somebody I forget the name, and she shot him dead, so she and Andy Williams were in the attorney's office and I had to take papers back and forth for them to sign.

    As in the LA stories further above, many celebs around Aspen in those days (and still) who you would find yourself sitting at the next table at the Jerome Bar, such as Sidney Poitier, Jack Nicholson, Steve Martin, Jill St. John, Lucille Ball, Robin Williams, John Denver, etc.

    BTW, John Denver, who also lived there up in Starwood, DESPISED the JWs... At one of his open-air concerts on the mountain, he announced over the loudspeaker if there were any JWs in the audience for them to get up and LEAVE. No joke. I wasn't even a JW then yet even I thought it was rather shocking.


    Going back to 1970 when still in FLA and Disney World first opened and I was there with family (my Dad had built their first "light show on the water"). We were standing in line for one of the amusement-rides and next to us was Rock Hudson hollering at some lady who had asked him for an autograph. It was the first time I had ever seen a celeb and:
    1. He did not look as good in person as he did on TV (though he WAS VERY TALL).
    2. I thought it was horrible he hollered at that poor lady.

    I never was too "wooed" by celebs after that seeing as they were just grouchy humans like everybody else.


    Great Louie Anderson story, lol... tried to place a WT book w/him, and he took it and autographed it and gave it back. LOL, that's too funny. I'm sure he was none the wiser, lol.


  • Kenneson

    In 1986 when I was working as a tour guide at the Acadian Village in Lafayette, Louisiana, the site was used in some of the shots for the making of the film, Belizaire the Cajun. So I had a chance to see Armande Assante and Robert Duval but, I'm sorry to say, never had a chance to get close enough to talk to them or meet them, nor did I take any pictures of them. However, I do have a picture of me and former President and Mrs. Carter, in Plains, Georgia. Some of us, after my moving to Tallahassee, went to hear him teach Sunday School. Afterwards, we were allowed to take pictures of ourselves with the two of them.

  • restrangled
    A partial list would include BB King

    Seeker4 this is a story that I know you will enjoy about B.B King, as told by my husband.

    BB King is the man, period. When he came to Orlando, I filmed an interview with a young, very attractive, African American journalist. It was a very warm summer night and B.B. King asked that we do the interview in the back of his tour bus. So the journalist was a little flustered because of perspiring, and she apologized over and over again to B.B. King. He just looked at her and in his deep voice, he quietly said to her "Most men enjoy it when a women perspires". From then on he had her wrapped around his finger.

  • restrangled

    For my 15 minutes of fame, I was the star on the program "48 hours" several years ago.. "Bad Neighbors"

    You may have seen a blond in a black shirt complaining about a neighbor. That neighbor wound up in jail for 5 years but it took 15 years of hard work to get him there. That blond yapping her head off was me.


  • XU

    I saw Conan O'Brien at the Sea-Tac airport. I was coming home from MOS school in my USMC Alphas - looking totally androngynous. He was super tall. I was like, "Conan! I love your show! You are so funny!" He said thanks. He is so awesome. I saw Anthony Keidas in Seattle near Pike's Place Market. I also went to the local comedy show in Seattle called Almost Live! and got pictures with the cast, but they are at home. We are in Boston for Christmas. We are going to Providence RI tomorrow for a party. BOSTON SIDE NOTE::: I'm watching Dating on Demand the Boston people. It's hilarious. It's like Craigslist meets Youtube. Oh yeah.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Have met Sarah McLachlan about 13 years ago. My sister was friends with her tour manager and he got us on her tour bus to say hello and hang out for a bit.
    Too bad I was completely blitzed. But from what I remember she was very nice. Got her autograph.

    I've met a few others here and there, can't think who though. An actor that played on Dallas.

    A football player from the Lions, when I was a kid.

  • JWdaughter

    I met Bud Anderson. I never heard of him before I met him. He was a comedian on my cruise. He worked the Bill Gates wedding, so I guess he has some following. He was really pretty funny and very smart. I was on a 11 night cruise with him. We had both lost a LOT of weight, so we could tell each other the best fat jokes. I tell jokes horribly, he is a comedian. If he hadn't been so charming (and me drinking)I would have been mortified. One of the few times I drank in recent memory-I think I flirted outrageously with someone, but it wasn't him.

  • Quentin

    Got Clayton Moore's autograph after a Ranges game...I'd sucked up about two six packs and spotted him getting into a limousine...I was a little loud about it, wonder I didn't clubbed to the ground...he was a nice guy though...talked to me and the other drunkards I was with for about ten minutes or so...

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