What top sientist say about 9/11

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  • jimbo

    I am finally back to my computer and I see that there has been many replies. I do need to thank Seeker4 for his hardy welcome to the board. What would it take for you to figure out that "sientist" is scientist with something lacking. At least you may be thinking that every thing that the media throws at you may need closer examination. Regards; jimbo

  • Beardo

    Hi there folks... just cruised by to see what was going on (I've been out of the Watchtower for 16 years btw).

    I wouldn't have believed that 9/11 was an inside job myself until I began studying 2 years ago. There are too many unanswered questions surrounding the whole event and a lot of evidence IMO including (off the top of my head):

    1. Warnings given to officials before the day to clear out of the area.

    2. The fire service being put on alert the day before (apparently).

    3. Documents (on the record) saying that the US needed another "Pearl Harbour" event, presumably to mobilize the nation behind a war effort in the East.

    4. Eye witness (or ear witness ) accounts on the day of large explosions in the basement area of one building before a plane struck - what the hell were those about?

    5. Some of the guys (terrorists) who were supposed to have been on the planes as reported by the national media, were said to be alive after the event?

    6. The fact that jet fuel will not reach the temperature necessary to melt the steel structure inside the towers and that the towers were built to withstand a collision by a large aircraft.

    7. The fact that Larry Silverstein (the rich sod who owns most of the site) made a big heap of money out of the event and even 'pulled' building 7 after the event to maximize profits. It doesn't take Einstein to work that one out and see a trail of dirty money!

    8. The fact that the Bushes & the Bin Ladens (do your homework) have historical links and joint business ventures and have been shielded by the US administration for years - another trail of dirty money.

    I'll shut up - I could go on...

    Another point to consider is this - Most of our world leaders, heads of the police force/military, industrial & media moguls are members of, or have ties with, fraternaties and orders. So it is true to say that there are many people working along side these ones without priviledged access to the inner sanctum of knowlegde and they haven't got a clue as to what is going on or what is about to take place. These ones, civil servants and the like, just follow orders and are 'yes men'.

    Within the secret services - MI5/CIA/MOSAD etc there is a written and unwritten code of conduct. If you blow the whistle, there are consequences for that action. Would you tell tales when under oath if you or your family were likely to be got at? .... and if you don't believe this goes on and people are silenced for speaking out - go take a read of the Dr David Kelly debacle in the UK. MI5 (most likely) arranged his death.

    These secret services do the bidding of their masters - the guys with the dirty money.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts.

  • dorayakii

    I don't have much faith in the US-administration, nor in the extremist Muslim groups, because both are hypocritical fundamentalists.

    I'm not going to believe in any conspiracy unless the evidence is presented to me, but in the same breath, I don't believe the US administration to the the victims that they portray themselves to be. Even if it wasn't a conspiracy, they've still jumped on the band wagon to profit extensively from these attacks. Their excuse for getting rid of Saddam and setting up democracy doesn't hold water with me, otherwise, Kim-Il-Sung and Kim-Jong-Il of North Korea would have been disposed of years ago. They've manipulated the term "Islamic extremists" to make it synonimous with the word "terrorists" when the world simply doesn't work in such a black and white fashion.

    Although I have always thought the present US-Administration is capable of such a deed, until the proof is released i will have to remain neutral on the issue.

    For those who believe in the conspiracy, please hold your judgement until it is proven, until you can prove it... and for those who categorically deny a conspiracy, try not to have too much confidence in your leaders, try to have an open mind about these strangers who run your life are capable of. Many of us once had such a blind confidence in our Watchtower leaders, we would argue til Kingdom come about things we thought they were incapable of doing. Yet, they were capable, and they used that capability to the full. Only the ignorant person can have complete trust in the righteousness of his own government.

    Remember, over-the-top trust and ignorance is what led to Hitler being elected democratically in Germany in 1933.

    The leaders are there to serve us, and not for us to serve them... Never believe something until it is proven in front of you.

  • Beardo
    I'm not going to believe in any conspiracy unless the evidence is presented to me

    Hi mate.

    Yep, its wise to take stock of all available information before drawing any conclusions. But there are plenty of great websites and researchers out there presenting 'evidence' on a week by week basis. Also, some pretty cool DVDs with decent documentaries to look at.

    Run a search on Google videos for 'Loose Change 2' & 'Terrorstorm' for starters.

    It's actually quite easy to believe in 'conspiracies' - every major corporation is conspiring as I write this note, in order to extract our energy and have us slaving for them. you just have to cut through the obvious bullshit and look at information that seems reasonable and well documented. It just takes time & a little effort.

  • skyking

    Conspiracy-Apostate, Conspiracy-Apostate, Conspiracy-Apostate.

    Damn I am confused or is Apostate-Conspiracy.

    Anyone on this board has to believe is Conspiracy theories or they would still be good faithful witnesses. It is hypocritical for anyone here to be high minded and put down some one else for believing in conspiracy's because many of us was part of the conspiracy as we went door to door and went preach for the conspirasist (don't know if that is a word conspirasist but you get the point)

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