My shunning mother called me....accidently

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  • restrangled

    This was such a sad exhange and just shows how unnatural this bogus rule by the WBTS is.

    I see my moms name on the caller ID and I immediately pick up. (keep in mind we live 2 blocks apart)

    My mom says Julia?, and I say no mom its me, you must have dialed the wrong number.

    MOM: Oh, I'm sorry, how are you?

    ME: Just fine, how are you?

    She immediately picks up like we never left off, telling me stories I would find funny and myself giving her updates on our family life, newest pets, kid's college stuff, etc.

    She then says "I always watch for you when I'm shopping, I miss you sooo much." I tell her "I don't go shopping anymore, its no fun without you." She then tells me how much she loves me, and I say the same.

    Then she says "Well, I didn't mean to go on and on, I should end this call. I say, well watch for me when I walk the dogs, I'll introduce you to them sometime. She says; I'll watch and I love you, and oh I am planning on a garage sale in a couple of months, if you want to put stuff in let me know. I call you then because thats business.



  • Kudra


  • luna2

    That's just the saddest thing.

  • damselfly

    That's so sad, I'm all teary eyed now.


  • vitty

    This is the sadest post ive read in along made me just break so sorry for you and your mother who feels she needs to do this to save you......................

    All my love to you.......................

  • Gregor

    Every so often someone on here asks why we XJWs don't just "get over it". Multiply this encounter by hundreds or thousands and you start to understand why we truly hate the WTS

  • KW13
  • jaguarbass

    very sorry

  • fullofdoubtnow
  • MidwichCuckoo

    That's tragic - I'm so sorry.

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