Disfellowshipping the obese?

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  • dido

    FF i just stuffed mine, spare ribs with egg rice, followed by a raspbery pavlova, emmmm it was delicious. Parakeet, yes, it could be the `BIG` announcement, there again, you would think that they would tell them to put weight on, considering the end is so close, they could live off their own fat during the great trib, saves stockpiling!

  • Quentin

    LMFAO...Terry pulled that on me years ago in a phone conversation. Almost had me too. Said it was an article in the latest wt...which I hadn't seen as yet...Hehehe, old stories never die. They stay around a long time.

    My guess is some jackass elder cracked wise to somebody and the story spread from there...

  • mama1119

    I have always heard it could happen, but never saw it enforced. In my old hall, 50% would easily classify as obese. Almost all of the elders and wives had weight problems.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If the WTB&TS was going to trot down that road - and I'm not sure they will - wouldn't it be far easier to justify such a requirement compared to say, smoking, which is not mentioned anywhere in the bible?

    there are scripural admonitions against greed and gluttony and encouraging MODERATION. They could say "eat moderately, and get moderate exercise from 5 hours of service each week."

    Would they lose members? Of course they would.

    Do they care? of course not - it's a "cleansing" of God's Organization.

    "You wanna survive Armageddon? GIMMEE 20!"

  • looking_glass

    Weight is a hard one. When I was growing up my dad was 5 feet 11 inches and weighed at most a buck sixty his entire life. He ate more crap then anyone in our house. My mom, all five feet of her, struggled and struggled to maintain a healthy weight and she is a health nut.

    I never knew anyone DF'd for obesity. And as for the hall I grew up in, it would have been hysterical to figure out which one of the lard arse elders would tell the other lard arse that he was being removed for being a lard arse. Just not gonna happen.

  • HadEnuf

    Golly Gee Whiz...Ain't Fat Bashing Just So Much Fun???!!!!

  • parakeet

    HadEnuf: ***Golly Gee Whiz...Ain't Fat Bashing Just So Much Fun???!!!!***
    I'm not fat-bashing. If I were, I'd be first in line to receive the bashing (my general outline closely resembles my avatar!) I'm bashing the idea of the WTS DFing the obese. There's no biblical injunction against smoking (DFing offense), but there is against gluttony. It's not as far-fetched as it may seem.

  • CordyC

    If I recall correctly, one of the things in the resolution at the convention this year was that we "as christians have to not overindulge in food..."

    Of course I was trying NOT to listen, so I may have heard wrong, but I don't think I did because the statement struck me as STUPID!

    I am not exactly a light guy myself. 6' and 250 lbs. I need to lose some weight for sure


  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis


    I would like to think that most people would agree with you that bashing anyone is wrong. But I know that is not true.

    I think most of the replies on this thread (if not all)are Not meant in a bashing sort of way but are meant to show the absurdity of trying to df someone who is obese or overweight. There would be waaay too much hypocrisy in it. How could an overweight elder df someone for being overweight? How would they even say what is proper or improper?

    They can't. If my comments offended you, I am truly sorry. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone like that. Just fyi: for myself, my comments were meant to insult and I really, really don't think that most (if not all) were directed at insulting anyone on the board but were directed at the policies of the Organization.

  • HadEnuf

    I just get hurt when people refer to us BIGGER people as tubs of lard, fat pigs...etc. And I heard some of those terms mentioned in this thread. I realize that DF'g obese people is absurd...but why even bring it up? Has there been a thread on anorexic's or bulemic's? (sorry, spelling) Should they be DF'd because they have an eating disorder? Are you honoring your body by trying to fit into the mold of being thin, as this society we live in dictates, by starving yourself and resorting to extreme measures to do so? (Vomiting, fasting, abusing laxatives, unhealthy fad diets, exercise obsession)?

    I am very defensive about weight because I have struggled for so long with it. I have been insulted, stared at and generally looked down upon because I am not a skinny chick. I am built for comfort; not for speed. Of all people, the people on this forum, who have escaped a cult that categorizes people and labels them...should be accepting of everyone here.

    I know that people who have commented on this thread mean well and are just speaking their minds. When a thread like this comes up I guess I get very defensive because I have been hurt by the cruelty of others regarding weight. This also happened while I was a JW. If a sister started gaining weight...she was a target for a whole lot of gossip by the other sisters.

    It's not a perfect world for sure on this forum...but it would be nice to see more tolerance of our individuality. I know that I amount to more than a number on a scale or the reflection in the mirror.

    Just a rant. Cheaper than a shrink. But I'll still take my anti-depressants...lol!!

    mumsy/cathy l. BBW (Big Beautiful Woman)

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