Disfellowshipping the obese?

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  • IP_SEC
    IP Never heard of anyone being Df for overweight or obese. It will never happen, have you been to a convention? easily 30% would be canned.

    He was not defd. He was deleted as a servant (MS) in the cong because of it. This was back in the early 80s. Yes there are plenty of obese men on servant bodys now.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    ''........and just how much chocloate body paint did you lick from him? And where specifically.....''

    You all KNOW it'll be in a future JC - and you saw it here first.

  • OpenFireGlass

    What?... And lose 50% of their membership?... NOT !

    On the other hand, maybe, it would be their way of getting people to go D2D more... for the exercise...


  • Outaservice

    We had an Elder that told a heavy weight Sister once that: "No one ever came out of a concentration camp with gland problems!"

    He's dead now!


  • sosad

    I hope it is ok that i re-posted this from an eating disorder thread that died a bit ago -

    obesity is also a very serious condition - as is alcoholism - depression - PMS - the list of them is endless. i work in media and know the power of weight loss/fitness/get healthy claims....as a former witness I also have seen the effects of kids and adults that do not participate in competitive sports- are bored becasue of not getting involved - watch way too much tv/video games instead of learning how to do stuff

    Imagine for a moment an Awake article coming out- or something in the MS (or is it called the Kingdom Service???) telling the RF that not loosing weight- bringing compulsive eating under control - was going to be a JC offense- who are these healthy elders that are going to counsel/throw the first stone- imagine the "Worldly" media picking up on this..... "Pray to Loose Weight now - Ask me How" - how many publishers could go door to door with that one???

    I remember seeing an elder - a very very very BIG man - eat like a glutton after a meeting - I was staying over visiting a girlfriend and he emptied almost an entire gallon of ice cream on a Turkey Platter as did his son and they stuffed themselves. i remember telling my mom- I was just in AWE.....this is the same elder that - ah, but that's another story....

    I think they are very careful not to make anything too hard to prosecute as a DFing offense- plus who will help- surly not the elders! and it's not like smoking was for some reason I remember one poor "sister" who just couldn't quit- got DFed- (I think she had a year to quit) and the town still talks about it....

    Anorexia/Bulimia are easier to pin on the individuals vanity, closeness to worldly activities and association etc.....

  • Finally-Free
    Elders don't even worry about gluttony anymore. It's not as juicy and sensational as raw sex scandals in the congregation.

    Also, what are they going to ask at the JCs?

    • How much gravy do you put on your potatos?
    • Do you order extra cheese on your pizza?
    • When was your last BBQ and why weren't the elders invited?
    • Do you eat poutine?

    Not exactly the sort of thing that would fuel their masturbatory fantasies. (we hope)


  • dido

    I was thinking, if they did try to enforce it, how would they lose the weight, i mean, look how slow they walk from door to door, and what else is there left to do but eat? You can`t get involved in anything as it takes you away from selling mags etc.so you have to go on f/service and after a couple of doors have coffee, then another couple of doors, breakfast, then coffee, then lunch, then tea, then dinner, then cocoa, then supper.Sitting at meetings, sitting studying, personal studying sitting, bible studies sitting, no wonder they are getting obese!

  • Kudra

    Then if you can get a certificate from your psychologist that you are a nymphomaniac are you free to have sex whenever you want???

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    No way, the entire elder body of my old hall would be out if that happened.

    I do know a guy who got counseled as a teenager for gluttony. The reason was because his friends bet him to eat something like 30 tacos at Taco Bell and he accepted and ate them.

    Yeah, so don't try to enter any eating contests!

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Haven't heard a thing. It would be interesting to see how they would define what is proper and what is improper.

    If you're 10% over the acceptable range of weight according to Medical Association you get a reproval, if you're 20% you get marked and if you're 30% you get df'ed.

    In the back room there'd be a scale along with a "spirit appointed" doctor handing out prescriptions for Body Mass Index readings.

    Further, if you're preggers ya get a total of 1 year to lose all the weight.

    They couldn't get away with it. Then again they've gotten away with so much else.

    (ps the above post is not meant to offend anyone. I sure as hay ain't going to start pointin' fingers)

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