I'm thinking about going to a meeting today . .. 9/3

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  • sandy

    My brother is giving a public talk today. My mom is acting as if the Pope has arrived. She planning a BBQ afterwards.

    Ok, so part of me wants to go just to kind of meausre my "awakening." I want to see how far I've come since walking aways a believer back in 1999.

    Since then I've only been to the KH once, for a funeral service.

    This will be a new talk my bro is giving not the same old tired one I think he's been giving since 1999.

    The one thing that is keeping me from going is I am afraid of giving my family false hopes.

    Feel free to talk me out of going.

  • crazyblondeb

    What surprises me is the BBQ afterwards! I thought you were suppose to go out in service!!!

  • mouthy

    The BBQ ????are they going to sacrifice him to Jehovah after >>> ( that was crass!!Sorry)

    Yes go!!! He will be honored, Mum will feel her prayer is answered & you might hooked again!

    I do hope not ...Let us know how it went....

  • freetosee

    Why not go, if you want to see your brother give a talk? If you’re not planning to go to the BBQ, why not leave after the WT study? It wouldn’t get their hopes too high. fts

  • Dansk


    I wouldn't go because it's all garbage, as you know! But I also wouldn't go on principle. Your attendance there ups their figures, if even by one, and I refuse to increase the numbers of an organisation that has brought so much hurt to others. By going, even if you're going to spy or see how you feel, is in some way giving support to the org. Can you stomach that?


  • sandy

    Beleive me if I go I will not stay for the WT.

    Dansk, If I go I'll try to hide in the bathroom when they go around counting heads. LOL Honestly, I won;t feel bad about increasing their numbers.

    Field service afterwards! LOL my mother never goes out on field service. My mom is all about bragging. She is so excited that my bro is giving a talk. She invited many of my non-dub relatives.
    I'm surprised she didn't pass out flyers.

    So, what should I wear? Pants or a dress?


    Sandy,if part of you wants to go,go..You get to see your family and have a meal with them..You also get to see why you left..Wear any dam thing you want..Go Naked!..But don`t forget to post the pic`s..Unless your a guy..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • BritBoy
    So, what should I wear? Pants or a dress?

    You sluttiest outfit possible... jeans and a top with a plunging neck line!!! Boulster your boobs up too so they are in the face of the poor sexually frustrated MS's!!!

  • LDH
    Feel free to talk me out of going

    STOP! No, don't go! You'll be sorry! They'll look at you like you have three tits.

  • sandy

    Ok, I just told my mom i'm going. So I gotta go and get dressed now.

    I don't own any revealing, sexy clothes. What kind of a girl do you think I am? LOL

    I'm wearing pants.

    I'll post on here this evening the details.

    Maybe I'll paint a big cross on my forehead. LOL

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