I'm thinking about going to a meeting today . .. 9/3

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  • mouthy

    Yes dont forget to fill us in...

  • robhic
    The BBQ ????are they going to sacrifice him to Jehovah after >>> ( that was crass!!Sorry)

    Crass or not, that was hilarious!

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  • bluesapphire

    Shucks, Sandy! I read this too late. I would have loved to have gone with you. Is it your brother from RH in the wheelchair?

    Those people have never shunned me but I would love to see their reaction to see us together. Fill us in. I'm dying to know what happened.

    LOL on the wearing pants part. Your mom will be embarassed but oh well.

  • sandy

    Ok, I went to the public talk. It was all about relying on Jehovah to solve our problems/worries and not pschology.

    My brother went on and on about why we cannot rely on psychology/therapists because they are constantly changing their ideas/tecniques. He spent a whole lot of time bad mouthing psychology and then took about 30 seconds to say:

    "friends, don't get me wrong, we are not saying not to go seek professional help . . . that is your own personal decision." Then he started to talk negatively about psychology again.

    Why doesn't he and the rest of them get it? Can't they hear their own double talk!

    In the beginning of his talk he implied that Californians are stupid for electing the Terminator as theit govrner. He never said "The Terminator" or "Arnold Schwarzenegger." But never-the-less we all knew who he was talking about.

    But he did imply that Californias looked to the AS to solve their problems b/c he saved the world in his movies. LOL

    Now, I agree that the general public can be pretty stupid at times but . . . I hardly doubt they thought well he saved the world on the big screen I'm sure he can save our state. LOL

    Even though everything my bro was spewing out was non-sense (to put it nicely) He is a pretty good public speaker. That is all I can say about that.

  • sandy

    Blue, Yeah it was my bro in the WC. There are a lot of new faces in that congregation. They merged with one of the other congregations that meet their.

  • sandy

    Ok, so one elder who totally shunned me at my sister's anniversary party a few weeks ago said hello to me today at the KH.

    So, I guess as long as I am in a KH it is okay to tell me hello and ask me how I'm doing.

    It was totally obvious he was shunning me at the party. I was standing w/ my sister and brother-in-law when he walked up to them and started chatting. He never looked at me or said hello.

    But, as I said . . . at the KH today he was walking past me and stopped and said" "Hi, How are you?" I said fine, How are you?" He just said, "It's great to see you."

    What a total . . . hmmm what is the right word here . . . Asshole? Well that works but it's not what I'm trying to say . . . Freaking hipocrites!!!

    The other A-hole elder who snubbed me at my sister's party I'm sure would have walked his hipocrite ass over to say hello too if he didn't have to go up on stage to conduct the WT study.

    I was standing right at the back of the KH waiting for my niece and he saw me and looked like he wanted to walk over to me but probably didn't have enough time.

  • Arthur
    My brother went on and on about why we cannot rely on psychology/therapists because they are constantly changing their ideas/tecniques. He spent a whole lot of time bad mouthing psychology and then took about 30 seconds to say:

    Oh, this is rich. Do these guys have any idea how out of touch they are?

    (I just went on a tirade right now and had to delete everything I just wrote. )

    It was no offense to your brother sandy; just toward the morons who write those talk outlines. Many of those talks are the most transparent demagoguery that I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. Especially the talks that ridicule psychology. The WTSs rants against psychology are usually a lot of cliches, platitudes, and sloganeering. They are merely pandering to an audience that doesn't know any better; and worse yet, doesn't want to know any better. Talk about noise pollution.

  • Highlander

    So they're jumping on the tom cruise bandwagon(couch) now, in regards to denouncing mental health care? What a crock of sh*t.

    I can't even recall the last public talk I attended, though it seems their topics are getting worse.

    Glad you made it through ok. Hope you didn't stick around for the wt 'study'.

  • sandy

    no worries Arthur . . . I'm sure I thought and said worse about my brother today when I told my fiance all about it.

    My bro also went on to talk about the elder arrangement and how they are there to help you heal.
    LOL! What a freaking joke!!! The elders have no clue how to care for those who are seriously mentally ill or those who have been abused.

    All they do is read you scriptures and tell you to rely and wait on Jehovah. That is certainly a big help!

    If your not comforted by scripture then you must be spiritually weak.

    No HL I left after the PT. I'm glad I went though. I was so happy and relieved to know that I do not think like them anymore.

    I sat there refuting (in my mind) the entire PT.

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