I'm thinking about going to a meeting today . .. 9/3

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  • sandy

    Hi Mouthy, I cannot think of the song title just now or any of the lyrics for that matter. But I know it was song #85. I don't have a songbook. I don't think I believe in the God the bible speaks of but I do believe there is something higher and bigger than us humans. But I still love the kingdom melodies and a lot of christian and gospel music.

  • Quandry

    Psychologists must have a degree in their field. Most have Master's degrees, and Doctorates. I did not take this subject but did take Sociology in college. It helped me to understand a little why people think and act the way that they do.

    In one Sociological experiment, college students were asked to participate. They only were told that they were taking part in an important test. A man with a white lab coat showed them to a room, where a "subject" (actually a psyclology student) was sitting strapped to a machine. The person was told to read words to the "subject" and if the subject did not repeat the words exactly, to administer a slight jolt of electricity. As time went on, the jolts were to become more intense if the subject could not recall the words. The "Doctor" kept urging the person to up the dose. Even though the "subject" would make noises denoting that he was in pain (although he was merely acting) the person would turn up the lever. Some of the student/participants would sweat and cry while cranking up the electricity, but because the "Doctor" had on a lab coat and was recognized as a person in authority, some raised the jolts to a lethal level.

    Does this sound familiar? The person on the platform in his neatly pressed suit with white shirt and conservative tie advises the audience that although no one demands that they do not see a Psychologist, it is unwise, absurd, not waiting on Jehovah, not spiritual. It does not matter the pain level of the one that needs help.

    The mentally tormented ones are advised in a couple of meetings by the "spiritual giants" of the congregation, who can amazingly size up the situation in a very short time, that they themselves are the problem. They do not go out in service enough, they do not attend all the meetings. They are pathetic unspiritual loosers. They are told to "get over it" and not "think so much of themselves," thereby raising the pain level of the one begging for help to an unberable level. The elders then are so self satisfied after their "spiritual counsel." After all, they are merely following the guidlines in their manuals from the Faithful and Discreet Slave.

    In times past, when no Psychiatrists or Psychologists were available, people just ended the problem themselves with guns, tall buildings, or rope. Or they became reclusive like the poor woman mentioned in the post.

    How wonderful that today we have persons who are professionally trained to help others. Many care very deeply about their patients, and view this field as a calling to assist others.

  • thecarpenter

    Incidently, some elders on their own were taking counseling courses in order to understand how to be a better counselor and recognize signs of mental illiness. The society gave all the elders direction NOT to do this but to point to the watchtower and other society publications for information. Even when a elder recognizes the his own ignorance on mental health, he is counseled not to educate himself on the subject.

    There has been a lot of progress over the years in this field and methods continue to be refined and tailored to fit individual circumstance. Remember, only a few decades ago, people were housed in mental institutions in large numbers and now through advancements in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, much fewer need to go this route.

  • thecarpenter
  • sandy

    Mouthy, I just remembered the song title. It was "Jehovah is Our Refuge"

  • mouthy

    Thanks Sandy!!!! Well I think the Title is right God is My refuge!!!! Pity they dont know the God of the Bible... He was a God of love.... forgave sin.....if we asked!!!!. Sorry you dont believe now darling. That is what the bible said we travelled over land & sea to make one convert then made them worse than they were before>>>>>Me I am guilty of doing that.

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