My friend was "announced" last night!

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  • fullofdoubtnow


    Marion has actually read your story on one of her previous visits, and was very encouraged by it, especially as your daughter is now out of the borg. She is hoping to write her own story very soon, and I am encouraging her to do so, it's very therapeutic, though I have never put mine on here, (maybe soon.)

    She is looking forward to the Apostacurry as it will probably be her first big event after leaving. And as for her son, well he was more than willing to turn her in to the elders for reading apostate material (Crisis of Conscience), and set her up to meet them. She will obvoiusly miss her grandchildren, but she knows freedom has it's price, and she can only hope that things will change in future when they grow older, and maybe want to see her.

  • juni

    Good morning Linda.

    Thank you for your update about Marion. I've been thinking about her. Ian had said that he felt it was illegal to keep grandchildren from their grandparents. It is illegal in the States, BUT if the parents won't back off you end up in court which is costly and still in most cases does not end the problem as the parents can still make it difficult or impossible for you to have a relationship w/your grandkids. Then your only option is to take it back to the courts which theoretically could go on forever. And most people don't have the money to keep on pursuing the issue.

    That is sad. Thankfully she has Trev and you for support. I commend her bravery as I know how much my grandchildren mean to me.

    Please give her my love, Linda. Perhaps one day she will share her story.



  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Juni, and thanks. Marion will be here soon, so I will show her all the replies.

    She is upset over her sons' attitude, but not surprised, considering his recent conduct. She hasn't really had much time to think about his threats regarding her grandchildren, but I think she might leave it be for now, and hope him and his wife adopt a more reasonable approach sometime in the future.

    As for her story, that will be a long one! She has been writing a little at home, and hopefully I will type it up for her. We will talk about that when she gets here shortly.


  • james_woods

    Well, it is always the worst right at the first. She obviously has a good friend in you, and will have many here.

    Just as a side point - when the trauma dies down - could you or she enlighten me on what the correct spelling of the boys name vx. the girls name "marion / marian" is?

    Old Marion Dunlap and I debated that a few times, and I think he is gone long enough now for me to reveal that he always thought his mother had put it wrong on the birth certificate!

    Anyway, best wishes for you and your (and our new- ) friend...


  • Crumpet

    Let Marion know that she is very welcome here and that I am looking forward to meeting her in October and very much looking forward to reading her story here.

    it takes a tremendous amount of courage to leave, especially when you dont really have another network about you - but hopefully you and Trev and us guys can help there!

  • done4good

    FDN, Please give her support, and let her know were thinking of her. Also, tell her to come to JWD.


  • Sunspot
    she won't be allowed to see her grandchildren again until she comes to her senses

    TOO LATE! She HAS come to her senses! That's what all the flap is about isn't it?

    I was the same age as she is when I sent my DA letter in too! Who SAYS ya can't teach an old dog new tricks! (Hope that wasn't offensive)

    Yes....the evil cult of the most loving "Christians" on earth aka God's chosen ones----will shove their hateful policies up our noses to teach us a lesson...but it proves how nasty and cruel they are to "loved ones" that stop being obedient to the men who run the WTS.

    Blackmail is blackmail no matter what spin is put on it. Holding the love and association of her grandchildren over her head IS definetly blackmail. WHERE in the bible is THAT mentioned? It isn't funny how one phone call to a JW when someone leaves the cult----can turn them into vicious snakes with an attitude of vengeance! It doesn't take much for the venom to erupt.

    I too have grandchildren I have never seen, so I know what that's all please give her a special hug from Annie....

    Emphasize that life is EVER SO MUCH BETTER on the outside of the WTS cage, and that "the positives" far outweigh ALL "the negatives" that ARE life in Watchtowerland.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hello, Marion here.

    I have just been reading your messages of support, and would like to thank you all so much. This is the first day in my whole life, and I am 60 soon, that I have not been a Jehovahs Witness, and thanks to my sons' phone call this morning, it hasn't been an easy one. I am expecting a lot of heartache with my family, most of whom are Witnesses, in the next few weeks and months, and I cannot express how much it means to me that, apart from Linda and Trevor, I have a worldwide network of friends, and although I have never met you I regard you as friends, who will support me.

    Truthfully, it hasn't sunk in yet that I am no longer a Witness, and I expect it will take a while to do so, but deep down, I know that I have made the right decision to leave. How could I stay, knowing the things about the organisation that I know now? It would have been easier to stay in some ways, as I would have kept most of my family, but the easiest way is often not the right way, and I know I could never have been happy again as a Witness. It would have been hypocrisy of the highest order to have gone on the Ministry to preach a message that I no longer believe in, and I am not a hypocrite, so in the end I had no choice, I had to leave, my conscience would have bothered me too much if I had not.

    I haven't made any firm plans for the future as yet, apart from attending the Apostacurry in a few weeks time. I have been so used to having my future mapped out for me that I have no experience in planning ahead, apart from obvious things like paying bills etc, so I have to learn afresh now, though I have a couple of good teachers here! I retire in November, when I am 60, and up to not all that long ago had planned to Pioneer again then, but now I won't be doing that I have to think of another way to use my time. Like many lifelong Witnesses, I haven't really planned financially for my retirement, so that could be a problem, but I'll deal with that if and when it happens. I haven't really looked ahead much as yet, to be honest, so I may have to rely on my "personal trainers", Linda and Trevor, for advice!

    So this is my first day of freedom, and I am so happy to be able to share it with you all, especially Linda and Trevor, my best two friends in the whole world. I hope that there are many, many days of freedom ahead of us all.

    All my love xxx


  • Lilycurly

    It's hard enough already to have your parents shun you....but I get the feeling it must be even harder when it's you're own children, the ones you took care of and loved all these years....

    My thoughts are with Marion.

  • Dansk

    Hi Marion:

    This said it all for me:

    I am not a hypocrite

    Exactly! Which is why I exited!! We cannot go telling people lies!!

    I'm so looking forward to meeting you. You're in good hands with Linda and Trev!

    Love and ((((((((((HUGS))))))),


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