My friend was "announced" last night!

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    My friend Marion, who I've posted about on here, was announced at last nights meeting as being no longer one of jehovahs witnesses. She sent a da letter in recently, and of course the elders tried to get her to change her mind, but she insisted, and threatened to forward a copy to the UK hq, so they made the announcement.

    She had a phone call from her jw son just now, and not a pleasant one at that. He asked her how she could be so stupid, and told her that this was the last call of any kind he would be making to her, and she won't be allowed to see her grandchildren again until she comes to her senses. She is pretty upset about that, of course, but we did warn her of the likely reaction of most jws, including her family.

    She is coming down here in about an hour, and spending the rest of the day with us, so we will be able to give her some support, which she will obviously need at this time. She's been a jw all her life, and she is 59, 60 in November, so it's a big wrench to leave, even though she is now well aware it isn't the truth. Apart from obviously being upset by her son's call, she is reasonably ok, and is glad it's over as far as the wts is concerned. She hasn't made any particular plans as to what to do with her freedom yet, apart from going to the Apostacurry in October, but I guess she has to get used to actually being free first, after a lifetime in the wts.

    Please keep her in your thoughts, the next few weeks are going to be the hardest, I think, as I'm sure other former friends will act like her son has, and being shunned by people who you've known for years does take a little getting used to.


  • Gilberto

    Give Marion our love.

    It must be quite devastating to have your family turn on you like that.


  • valkyrie


    I feel for your friend, {{{Marion}}}! Please relay to her my warm support and admiration for stepping up to a most difficult - yet necessary - decision. She is proof that it is never too late to 'get a firm hold on the REAL life'... one which she in all awareness chooses for herself!


  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Thanks for keeping us posted on Marion.
    Make sure to let her know that we're all here thinking about her.

  • Dansk

    Thanks for letting us know, Linda.


    This is going to be a hard time and already the emotional blackmail has started viz. being refused permission to see her grandchildren (which, I think, is illegal!).

    The good thing is she has you and Trev for comfort - and the thousands who post here. We'll also make sure she enjoys the curry fest!

    You may like to have her read my story. Starts off pretty crappy, but by the end she'll see things are very promising. I couldn't have got this far without the people on JWD!!



  • MsMcDucket

    Linda it sounds like she's off to a really hard start. I hope that you and others will be able to give her the support that she needs until she's able to fly on her own. It's going to be hard to get the institutionalization out of her mind; the old daily grind of the witnesses. It wasn't so hard for me because in the beginning because I knew that I wasn't able to be a witness. I resigned (in my mind) that I was goat bound for Armaggeddon. I still had a lot of the old dub brainwashing up until last year. Like not believing in celebrating holidays, or the superstitions about saying "bless you", "cheers", "good luck", etc. . . I hadn't rationalized, fully, that the organization had set itself up as God's mediator, and that the religion was just a cult. Due to this "still believing" attitude, I managed to inculcate (hate that word) the beliefs onto my twin daughters, who are now baptized witnesses. For shame! It's a cruel irony that my brain played on me. I still can't believe that I bought into all of that malarkey, and that it took 18 years to open up my eyes to the stupidity of it all.

    Hopefully, your friend will be able to bring some of her family and friends out with her. You never know who's been waiting for someone else to make a move.

    Tell her to not bow down to that false religion.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings FDN,

    She's going to need your support. I hope she posts here, it may help her emotionally.


  • brutusmaximus

    Please pass on my warmest regards she is alot stronger than many of us on here I think by doing what she did by that I mean me really. Hopefully her son will see the light and get out of the darkness for all their sakes


  • Legolas

    Tell her we are thinking of her

  • KW13

    thats really sad, please send tell her were thinking of her - its not easy leaving, especially when its easier to stay in

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