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    Some say Asherah was Yahweh's mom others say she was his wife. Either way, this is what the idol is supposed to look like.

    Asherah 5

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    The purpose of the article was political, "Israel, modern, needs to face up to the fact that it has no "divine right" to the land it occupies. Israel must rely instead upon an equitable settlement in light of its undeniable modern day colonisation and conquest - a reality its opponents must accept but without straying outside the boundaries defined by international law - i.e. the 1967 borders. " And not for religious insight.

    And the "chart" is misaligned and of no particular credential.

    Lots of Professors lie and chant odd religiosities. Look into evolution closely and the impossibility of it becomes obvious. Only a NEED to believe it (and the requirements of the Scientific Community that all "reputable scientists" believe in evolution or be outcast and lose ones credentials) keeps it going. Evolution is a Hypothesis, Not a theory, or a principle or a law of nature. Re-read the manner of the scientific process. Evolutionary belief is religious in substance and is supported by dogmatic decrees and intimidation. Were there clear evidence there would be no need for authoritarian imposition of a teaching and heavy pressure to submit to it. The Watchtower is capable of intimidation also, yes? Keep an open mind, listen for Jesus words, await his Kingdom and release misdirected anger at God for the sins of men .

    YHVH is pronounced like 'Yavaho' and is related at Genesis 2:4 to the Hebrew verbs for being past, present and future. Please see Rev 1:8 and the essay at http://www.ifmj.org/articles/YHVH.htm

    Umm, if the tetragrammatin is THE four letter NAME and four letter words are curse... words then a fool could assert that Gods name is another curse word! The Watchtower was started by a FreeMason and used bible based religion to paint itself over with and conceal itself. I was decieved by the WT as most of the members of this site were, but the God of the Universe is not defined by charts or false religion fathers is he?

    Respectfully, Paul

    If you look at some of the oldest texts, Yahweh IS NOT the god of the universe, but the god of the Jews. Misdirected anger at god for the sins of men?! If the Adamic account is accurate then what did you or I do to deserve condemnation, other than some ill misdirected link that since they sinned we are guilty. Really, what sort of god needs a blood sacrifice? When your child sins against you do you make him kill the family dog on the alter in your back yard to appease you? If you cannot even imagine such a ritual, how much more so would you NOT expect it of a higher diety? Jesus taught us to forgive in heart and words, yet why is a blood sacrfice deed required for god to forgive man? Makes absolutely NO SENSE...

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    That is the point of it. Have faith that Jesus paid the penalty for all of our sins even if we find it absurd, void of logic or repulsive. Sin is that bad, it separates us from God. No more guilt, we sinned, Jesus took our punishment, we are forgiven just for asking.

    Sorry for a late addition to this thread,


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    "lost," I love these threads and Ugarit videos (have only watched the one) but so interesting.

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    LV oh my,

    do you all know this ? is this really what TTATT means?

    I feel sick. and lost all over again.

    what is real, what is not, what is true what is not.

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    "lost" you must watch this video. Here's the website info. remnantofgiants.wordpress.com/tag/francesca-stavrakopoulou/

    Just type that in your google search. It's also on this board somewhere. It's unreal and she's awesome -- a Bible scholar. Let me know what you think of.

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    LV hugs - can't watch it just now - got like 4 tabs going here researching, lol.

    check out my new post JHWH v JHVH - yes it's a V not W


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    I'm on it --- thanks much.

    I'm concerned about the w/tower misapplying Jehovah for Jesus in the NT.

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    LV my dear

    it gets worse, much worse.

    putting the info up as I find it on the other thread, keep it all together, easier to work on for us.


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