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  • *lost*

    DD - my poor little head is busting these past few days trying to figure it all out, lol.

    but what I do know is je-hovah is not the name of The God witness think they are worshipping, it's a trickery, because je-hovah is pagan. So un-known to them, they have been deceived and fed a lie. Another form of false religion.

    I am thankful I now know this, it has made things so much easier for me.


    Think of it this way, LOST. If you get interrogated by the Eldums, you can speak with a clear conscience.

    If they ask:

    DO YOU BELIEVE THIS IS JEHOVAH'S ORGANIZATION? You can say, " Yes" and be telling the truth. That's what I said. " I believe 100% that this is Jehovah's Organization. That is why I can say with complete confidence that Christ knows all, and will clean it up."

    You just passed the loyalty quiz without lying.

    Here is an interesting thought.


    Then read up about the hermetic nature of the Universe, and think about Jesus being begotten by GOD.

  • *lost*

    DD lol, good one. I had left months ago, before even I found this out. Stoped going, and never picked up or read another thing of theirs. So glad I did now.

    I will look at thrm tomorrow.

    I have just found something interesting about Abraham that I had been wondering, have my answer now, bookof jasher.


    hope all is well with you

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