Catholic at birth. JW from age two. Married into JW royalty. Studied a lot. This commoner was not good enough for the JW royal princess and Queen jezebel. She defiled her bed. One sided bahavior, in favor of princess, by Elders Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumm (not their real names)who acted unkindly, unjustely, and inconsistently. It ripped my heart out. Divorced immoral royal princess. Studied a lot. Figured out it doesn't figure out well. Grew a beard. Went to college. Once I learned how to question ideas, the WT ideas caved in more - which is one reason they don't like educated people or seeking higher education since educated people aren't as easily controlled or convinced by rhetoric. Found a new family. Got some cats. Left the WT FINALLY after learning about the sexual abuse of children epidemic, their United Nations involvement, Russell being a Free-Mason, Watchtower being a significant term from Enochian magic but not really from scripture, and .... At their last visit I told Elders Gutless and Clueless (not their real names) that the WT liked their mistakes just fine, and I didn't care what the WT had to tell at the summer convention they were inviting me to. Elder Gutless stated that I didn't want to be a JW anymore. I sternly warned him to NEVER PUT HIS WORDS IN MY MOUTH. I am angry at the vilification of Christians that the WT indoctrinated in me and now that I've gone to several churches I have found beautiful people who exude love and warmth. And every time I came home smiling and happy. I never came home that way from K.Hall. I am born-again now and the Lord Jesus guides me. This is difficult to tell - HE ACTUALLY GUIDES ME. When one prays one is talking to GOD, when GOD talks back to one that is not schizophrenia, it is time to listen. The bible is OPENED. I am a Southern Baptist now.